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Hall of Merit: Oliver Marcelle

By popular demand, here’s a thread for the “spectral” third baseman…

John (You Can Call Me Grandma) Murphy Posted: September 23, 2004 at 03:21 AM | 12 comment(s)
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Hall of Merit: Heinie Groh and Tommy Leach

Two players who deserves a closer look at…

John (You Can Call Me Grandma) Murphy Posted: September 23, 2004 at 03:17 AM | 13 comment(s)
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Hall of Merit: 1935 Ballot

Max Carey and Carl Mays are the viable new candidates for the Hall of Merit this “year.” They also will be on the sidelines rooting for two of the carryover studs from the “year” before (Eddie Collins, John Henry Lloyd and Smokey Joe Williams) because they won’t be making it this “year.”

Other returnees include Cristobal Torriente, Heinie Groh, Stan Coveleski, Lip Pike, Jake Beckley, George Van Haltren and Rube Waddell.

Robin! To the Batcave!

John (You Can Call Me Grandma) Murphy Posted: September 20, 2004 at 01:52 PM | 125 comment(s)
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Hall of Merit: The Baseball Hall of Merit Plaque Room: G-L

For the Hall of Merit Home Page, please click here.

For Hall of Meriters A-F, please click here.

For Hall of Meriters M-R, please click here.

For Hall of Meriters S-Z, please click here.

Pud Galvin - 1910 - P
St. Louis Brown Stockings (NA) 1875; Buffalo (NL) 1879-85; Pittsburgh (AA: 1885-86; NL: 1887-89, 1891-92); Pittsburgh (PL) 1890; St. Louis (NL) 1892
Cap: Buffalo Bisons (NL)
The most long-lasting hurler of his age, “The Little Steam Engine” racked up remarkable numbers while toiling ...

John (You Can Call Me Grandma) Murphy Posted: September 19, 2004 at 03:52 PM | 0 comment(s)
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Hall of Merit: 1934 Election Results: “The Georgia Peach” Steals HoM Standing Up; “The Grey Eagle” Swoops in, Too!

With a record 56 ballots submitted this year, batting legend Ty Cobb easily won the first spot for induction into the Hall of Merit in his first year of eligibility. Competing against the greatest array of first-year talent ever seen, Cobb fought them off as if they were opponents on the field and recorded the highest point total ever (1,334).

Facing a tough battle for the second spot, centerfielder extraordinaire Tris Speaker narrowly beat out Philadelphia A’s great Eddie Collins by a mere 14 points (Negro League star shortstop John Henry Lloyd was not that far off either).

Beside those newbies, Smokey Joe Williams, Cristobal Torriente and Stan Coveleski also had very impressive first-year showings (especially the first two greats).

Of the returnees, Heinie Groh easily beat out the rest and showed that his support from last year wasn’t based on “new-car smell.” :-)

The other top-ten returnees were Jake Beckley and Lip Pike.

John (You Can Call Me Grandma) Murphy Posted: September 14, 2004 at 02:18 PM | 62 comment(s)
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Hall of Merit: Pelayo Chacon

Is he a HoMer or is he Donie Bush (sorry Mark :-)?

John (You Can Call Me Grandma) Murphy Posted: September 14, 2004 at 01:17 AM | 4 comment(s)
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Hall of Merit: Bingo DeMoss

He doesn’t look like a HoMer to me, but maybe someone can change my mind here.

John (You Can Call Me Grandma) Murphy Posted: September 14, 2004 at 01:10 AM | 14 comment(s)
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Hall of Merit: 1935 Ballot Discussion

Another very strong outfielder, Max Carey hits the ballot. Carl Mays is also on the docket for the first time, and the top new Negro Leaguer is Bingo DeMoss.

1935 (September 26)—elect 2
WS W3 Rookie Name-Pos (Died)

351 99.0 1911 Max Carey-CF (1976)
256 69.4 1915 Carl Mays-P (1971)
202 58.5 1915 Ken Williams-LF (1959)
200 46.7 1914 George H. Burns-1B (1978)
174 58.2 1916 Howard Ehmke-P (1959)
183 42.3 1915 Art Nehf-P (1960)
128 41.2 1921 Johnny Mostil-CF (1970)
111 30.9 1915 Wally Gerber-SS (1951)
118 30.4 1919 Jack Scott-P (1959)
118 32.2 1916 George Harper-RF (1978)
125 30.7 1916 Jack Smith-CF/RF (1972)
104 28.4 1920 Elam Vangilder-P (1977)
094 27.1 1920 Earl Smith-C (1963)
116 19.3 1917 Joe Dugan-3B (1982)

Negro League Candidates:
1935 (September 26)—elect 2
HF% Career Name-pos (born) BJ – MVP - All-Star

16% 10-30 Bingo DeMoss-2B (1889) #1 2b - 0 - 4*
04% 10-30 Dizzy Dismukes-P (1890) - 1 - 2*
04% 15-30 Bernardo Baro-OF (??) - 0 - 1*
00% 17-29 Tank Carr-1B (1895) #5 1b - 0 - 1*
00% 15-29 Charles Blackwell-OF (??) #9 cf - 0 - 2*
00% 09-31 Pelayo Chacon-SS (1889) #11 ss - 0 - 3*

I also have to add one thing - I play in a Diamond Mind League that started with the 1924 season (we are currently getting ready to open 1925). It’s pretty cool that guys from that league are coming on the ballot now. Many of our ‘scrubs’ were actually pretty good players for a couple of years, check out Johnny Mostil, George Harper or Earl Smith for example.

Howard Ehmke deserves a special mention. Ehmke went 30-0 as a starter for my New York Yankees in 1924. His final record was 30-2, he lost twice in relief. We had a great offense (Speaker, Heilmann, Goslin and Kelly); but this was truly an amazing season, and I feel that more than just the 14 people in the league should know about it.

Of course, he lost Game 1 of the World Series (to KJOK’s Cardinals) 2-1, pulled down a no decision in a 3-2, 10-inning Game 4 loss and left Game 7 trailing 3-2, before Goose Goslin hit a 2-run HR off Emil Yde in the bottom of the 8th (KJOK’s only words were, “Oh my God”). But man that year from Ehmke is something that I’ll never forget. If this were the real Hall of Fame vote, and I could just vote yes for him like people have done for Jim DeShaies, it would be a no-brainer :-)

JoeD has the Imperial March Stuck in His Head Posted: September 13, 2004 at 12:52 PM | 262 comment(s)
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Hall of Merit: Selected 20th Century Candidates

If you are looking for a player thread from the last century, this is the place to visit!

Hank Aaron (elected in 1982)

Joe Adcock

Pete Alexander (elected in 1936)

Edgardo Alfonzo

Dick Allen (elected in 1983)

Bob Allison

Roberto Alomar (elected in 2010)

Felipe Alou

Brady Anderson

Luis Aparicio

Kevin Appier

Luke Appling (elected in 1956)

Buzz Arlett

Richie Ashburn (elected in 1968)

Earl Averill (elected in 1961)

Bobby Avila

Jeff Bagwell (elected in 2011)

Frank Baker (elected in ...

John (You Can Call Me Grandma) Murphy Posted: September 08, 2004 at 06:39 PM | 11 comment(s)
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Hall of Merit: Herman Long

The original “Flying Dutchman!”

John (You Can Call Me Grandma) Murphy Posted: September 07, 2004 at 09:47 PM | 11 comment(s)
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