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Speeding Up the Game
Posted: 07 March 2008 07:34 PM   [ Ignore ]

If you view games from the 80’s and earlier you are stunned by the absence of glove tugging and restrapping, strolls up the baseline, and re-entrance to the batters box as if stepping into a tub of hot water. The batters stay in the box for pitches at a time and the game is played in 2 1/2 hours or less.

Assuming 250 pitches per game and reducing the time between pitches by 10 seconds each clips 2500 seconds or around 40 minutes off the game time.

Is there any chance that major league baseball might enforce a rule that limits the time that a batter can delay between pitches?
For example, add a strike to the count if the batter takes too long to get back in the box. Of course, if the delay is caused by the pitcher the penalty would not apply to the batter;
maybe the pitcher could be charged with an automatic ball.

I know the union would fight this tooth and nail but the dead time between pitches turns off the new, young fan more so than the long time fan and drives them away from the game.