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To panic, or not to panic?
Posted: 05 May 2006 06:07 AM   [ Ignore ]

I mean, it’s early, and I’m no bravesjournal doomsday syncophant, but this team just doesn’t look very good. There are parts that could and should be good, and parts that can be great, but they aren’t.

reasons to panic:

One of the three who were already hurt this year is going to miss another 40-50 games with an injury, you know it’s true
Either hudson or smoltz is going to miss the end of the year with an injury
Thomson has already started returning to his career norms
For backup? Hram
Braves relievers (cormier, remlinger, reitsma) who have shown effects when overused in the past are already being overused, along with swamp monster
Mccann has never caught a full major league season, and may tire in august-september

reasons not to panic:

well? Y’all help me out here.


*includes bacon unless otherwise specified.