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Need Help on a New Glove
Posted: 25 August 2008 01:45 AM   [ Ignore ]

I’m currently in the market for a couple of new gloves, and I’ve narrowed it down to several brands but I need some input.  I’m looking at Glovemith Custom Elite, the Trevino Kip line, Valle Kip, Kazuma Kip line, and Vinci-Kip, as well. 

Now, I have discovered that there are connections between several of these brands, for instance; Glovesmith either makes, ,or is made by,  Kazuma, the former I believe.  Also, Trevino, I’ve found, manufactures Valle glove.  None of this really matters to me, I just wonder if it isn’t wiser to buy from the actual manufacturer, or does it make any difference?

SO, any experiences anyone has had with Glovesmith, Valle, Trevino, Kazuma, and/or Vinci, I would really appreciate some opinions.