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Rickey Henderson Induction Meetup, July 26, 2009
Posted: 22 September 2008 04:43 AM   [ Ignore ]

OK, so Rickey is going to get elected to the Hall of Fame unless he pulls an Ugueth Urbina in the next 2 months.  And we can all expect that his speech will be the funniest since Rizzuto’s.  What more reason do we need for a meetup?  (Also, AFAIK the ceremony’s still on ESPN Classic and I don’t get that, so I have to go somewhere anyway.)

I’m not talking about going up to Cooperstown for the ceremony (although if folks want to use this thread to organize a trip, by all means go ahead).  I’m just interested in getting together somewhere in the NYC area to hang out and watch the ceremonies.

And obviously, I’m not looking for firm commitments this far in advance.  Just getting the idea out there, so folks can schedule around it if they’re interested.


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