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Baseball games with magic?
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Baseball Quest
Posted: 30 September 2008 07:12 PM   [ Ignore ]

You have arrived in an alternate dimension where baseball is not played on a diamond. Instead players roam the countryside clashing in violent battles with bats and balls. Pitchers baffle their opponents with wizard-like repertoires of magic pitches. Hitters brutally wield their wooden wands.

Your mission is to find and defeat The Hall of Famers and return baseball to the national pastime it was meant to be. Travel the land building up experience until you encounter and vanquish The Hall of Famers in an ultimate showdown!

Baseball Quest

Okay, sounds a little different I know.  It’s a text based simulation game, no fancy graphics.  Characters are real major leaguers from 1903 to now and their attributes are based on their real statistics.  APBA meets Final Fantasy!  Let me know what you think.


Posted: 11 October 2008 03:01 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]

I appreciate those who have given my game a try! 

Anybody have an opinion?  Fascinating?  Too weird?  Incomprehensible? 

Any ideas to make it better?

thanks again!