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Posted: 15 October 2008 07:44 PM   [ Ignore ]

All of you reading this are obviously angel fans. At this time you are probably crying because of the shock that all of use have now gone through. The angles lost the alds three games to one to the Boston redsox. They might as well have gotten swept to me. They should have torn apart the redsox like they did in the regular season. After having the best record in the majors you would think they could have gotten at least to the world series, but no. This was another disappointing postseason for angel fans in southern California, and the us. Now as the angels head into the offseason, we have more things to worry about. Will they resign the best closer in the game, K-Rod (Francisco Rodriguez) or will they go with the much-needed powerful bat of mark teixeira. It’s a coin toss to everyone. I know that everyone also wants to keep garret Anderson but we could use the payroll. As well as what to do with Gary Mathews jr. should we trade him??? The angels do have the young talent in Reggie Willits and Juan Rivera can be a starter in the league, why not here There is that other question in right field as well. Big daddy vladdy, as rex hudler likes to call him is a question on the field. He still has the bat don’t get me wrong, but his fielding could be better, much better. That brings us back to Gary Mathews jr., who misplayed a ball in the postse ason that should have ended a redsox threat. He’s not the fielder that Marty tereno signed two seasons ago but he is still good. So our options: have vladdy be the DH, hunter out in center, Mathews in right, Rivera in left, and Willits off the bench. But should we give vladdy the team option, will he have better numbers then this season or is he finally on his decline. Or do we keep the long time angel garret Anderson as the DH??? He is a fan favorite and we would all like to see him stay an angel for life. All theses possibilities go into ones head and you have to figure out what’s more important to a team….a great pitching staff or a powerful offense??? We have much to think about Angel fans.

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