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World Series
Posted: 30 October 2008 05:37 AM   [ Ignore ]

The Philadelphia Phillies are the 2008 World Series Champions. In what was one of the weirdest World Series ever, due to weather factors, the Phillies won it forty-six hours after the game was called due to rain, heavy rain. Cole Hamels, one of the best young pitchers in the game won not one, but two world series games to help his team win it all. Congratulations on one great accomplishment. And congratulations on being the World Series MVP. The huge question now is will they be able to come back and repeat?? If they can keep their key players and keep their pitching staff in check, they should be able to, or at least I think so. Chase Utley had probably one of the smartest plays in the entire series when he faked a throw to first and sent it home to get Iwamira out at home. That is what I call heads up baseball. Nothing bad to say about the Tampa Bay Rays, because they laid their hearts out on the fields, but the Phillies Brought their A game, and took it al. one of the best things that the Phillies did the entire season, was sign Brad Lidge. He shut down every save opportunity he had not only in the playoffs, but the whole season. He turned his game around from being a shaky closer from two years ago the Astros couldn’t even rely on. Jimmy Rollins also contributed in this three-day event of what we can call a single game by hitting a homerun in the series clinching game. He was great throughout the entire season and he too could have been the MVP. Ryan Howard also had himself a series in which he jumped back from the previous series. He was in a slump and ended it when it counted most. The Entire pitching staff contributed by keeping the Rays powerful offense out for the count. It truly shows that you need a great bullpen is a key to success. Congratulations Philledelphia….

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