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Posted: 20 November 2008 07:03 AM   [ Ignore ]

The angels need to re-sign mark texiera at all costs. The numbers he put up in 55 games for them this season really helped them push to have the best regular season record for the year. Unfortunately they couldn’t finish the deal by winning the World Series. K-rods future as an angel is pretty much over, unless all his bidders fall short of what he wants and his price drops. If the angels can come close to matching an offer they probably will. Do I advise it?? No. I think they should save the money from him and go after some prime pitching. C.C. Sabathia is a free-agent and boy could he add to the angels number one ranked pitching staff from last season. If that falls short, there is also a sleeper free-agent in A.J Burnett. Either one being added to Lackey, Saunders, Weaver, and Santana would be another number one ranked pitching staff. Releasing Garret Anderson is sad to see, but its time to move on, sorry GA, you helped us to one World Series. This move frees up some cash and Juan Rivera will get an everyday role which he needs to succeed. The next thing to happen is to unload Gary Mathews Jr. contract for anything, even a half ranked minor leaguer for the cash. With these moves, the Angels could make a bid on Manny and have him be the DH. Imagine the power and speed in that line-up. Chone Figgins leading off, followed by Erick Ayber, then Big Daddy Vladdy, then Slammin’ Manny, Mark Texiera, Torrii Hunter, Juan Rivera, and lastly Howie Kendrick. If only my dreams could come true, the Angels would not be able to beat. This would be hard to disagree with if you were to read this and think of the possibilities.

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