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winter meetings
Posted: 04 December 2008 05:23 AM   [ Ignore ]

The angels are going into the winter meetings with one big name on their minds, Mark Texiera. They need to resign him and need to do it the first day of the meetings. They need to if I haven’t already said it. If they don’t resign him they might as well add to their already amazing pitching rotation and go after another big name in the free-agent market, C.C. Sabathia. Artie Merano will do whatever it takes to win the World Series this year and signing one of them will definitely better their chances at it. There’s also the opportunity to trade for a young Cy Young winning pitcher, Jake Peavy. Texiera is still the number one priority though. Unlike Peavy and Sabathia, he plays first base, one of the easier positions on the field. This also means he has less wear and tear going on with his body as a whole. Less strain on his throwing hand not having to pitch. Signing Texiera for a long term deal makes more sense the Sabathia to one since he can get hurt much easier. He’s also been worked like a mule by his previous teams. He might still be young, but for a pitcher, he’s old. The truth is unfortunate. They could always go after a veteran that knows how to win that has been ever since he started playing the game, Randy Johnson. His whole set back is a one year contract and he’s 44 years old, probably entering his final season as a major leaguer. Adding him to the rotation would be nice so he could help the young kids coming out of the minors like Nick Adenhart. Learning from a guy like Johnson at a young age could only do wonders for his future.

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