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JD Drew - hurt, sucks or just in a slump?
Posted: 25 June 2006 04:50 AM   [ Ignore ]

What is up with JD Drew? I checked out his season numbers, and particularly his last month’s numbers and was kind of shocked. Admittedly, I’m a Giants fan so his recent numbers are kinda good for the Gigantes cause, but I have to admit I was surprised to see that he wasn’t one of the better players on the Dodgers this year. (I thought the all-quiet-on-the-Drew front was just media fixation on the youngsters like Kemp and Martin.) I haven’t had a chance to see Drew play much if at all this year, so maybe I’m just mentally stuck on “MVP Potential Between The Myriad of Injuries” Drew from Stl and Atl, and not his actual, current value. Any insight would be great.