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How far will the yankees go into the playoffs?
win world series 1
lose world series 1
lose ALCS 4
lose ALDS 1
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Posted: 04 September 2006 07:02 PM   [ Ignore ]

On paper, the Yankees win the world series and they will if everything goes accordingly. Here are ten things that mut happen in order for them to win the world series

-Their pitchers need to have enough rest especially their bullpen because if Joe Torre continues to put in Scott Proctor and Mo in every game your going to have to hand the ball to Farnsworth or Villone who I just dont trust.

-The starting pitchers need to stay healthy Mussina is comng back from an injury but will he be effective coming back from it? Randy Johnson MUST also stay 100 percent. Joe Torre cant let him pitch over 7 innings for caution reasons. Look what happened with David Wells in the 2003 series. If Wang gets hurt its not happening. Thats how important he is to this Yankee team. I always get worried when Joe Torre lets him pitch a complete game. Cory Lidle, in my opinon will be good in the playoffs.

-A ROD needs to do something clutch! When he strikes out the fans boo him. When he hits a homer in the ninth there are standing ovations. If he gets a clutch hit early in a playoff series it will propell him to do well for the rest of the series.

-Abreu needs to do in the postseason what he has been doing in the regular season. Just like A Rod. a rod had a great regular season last year. He sucks in the postseason, and the yankees lose the ALDS to the Anaheim Angels or should I say, The Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim (pretencious sons of ...)

-Mo has to be spot on. Mo has been having a phenomenal year, but i still have seen him give up a few game winning hits. He needs to be the lights out MO that we know.

-Jeter needs to be Jeter. When he is acting like captain clutch, it motivates his whole team and they are succesfull. When he isn’t captain clutch they go down the tubes.

-Melky cant get overwhelmed by the playoffs. I may not have been writing about the postseason if it were not for Melky Cabrera. However, he cant get overexcited in his first encounter with the playoffs.

-Chien Ming Wang has to do on the road what he does at home. He has been phenomenal at the house that ruth built this year but he has been a little shaky on the road. If he pitches well on the road that will be huge for the Yankees.

-Damon has to understand playoffs with the yankees are different than with the red sox. The Yankees always expect to be dominant. The Red Sox try to pull this BS about being the underdog. johnny boy has HUGE expectations for this year in october.

-If the YAnkees stick with Darell Rasner and Jeff Karstens for the playoffs Joe Torre is doing something ridicoulous. Go with a simple four man rotation of Moose,Randy,Wang,Lidle. You cant be risky with throwing inexpierienced starters into the mix of playoffs.

Thats about it, Ethan