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Maddux this year
Posted: 24 April 2006 02:24 AM   [ Ignore ]

(Really I just wanted to start a thread.)

4-0, 0.99 ERA.

What’s different?  I haven’t actually seen him pitch (stupid non-WGN East Coast cable companies), so I’m asking those who may have watched some of these games.  Is it movement?  Better control within the strike zone?

It doesn’t feel like he’s getting lucky - he’s not putting guys on base and just seeing the other team fail to come through.  He seems genuinely dominant.

So what gives?

(EDIT: Also, I want to encourage all the Cub regulars to make great use of this forum for posting topics and all the things that we can’t do in Gonfalon Cubs.  There have been a lot of complaints, both silently and on the boards, about the lack of blog activity and the fact that none of the regulars were given posting privileges.  Well, here’s our chance.)