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Jeter for NL Cy Young?
Posted: 30 September 2006 07:38 AM   [ Ignore ]

Some people say Roy Oswalt should win the NL Cy Young, but they don’t understand “what it takes to win”.  Oswalt has only 15 victories this season.  He clearly is not “a winner”. How can someone who is not “a winner” get consideration for the Cy Young award??

He doesn’t even “know how to win”. He’s probably not even “a gamer”. Heck, I bet he somehow intentionally sabotages his team’s offense when he is on the mound to keep his team from “finding a way to win”; meaning he is not a “team player” or a “good clubhouse guy”.

All he cares about is “individual statistics”.  Meaningless ones, like ERA, which don’t take into account whether someone is a winner or a loser.

Do you know who should be the NL CY Young?  Derek Jeter.  The Cy Young award should go to the biggest winner, and when you look up winner in the 2nd edition of How to avoid analysis/rational thought For Sportswriters, Jeter’s picture is in between the word “winner” and a picture of David Hasselhoff.  Now that’s winning.  And this is without even mentioning the fact that Jeter “plays the game the right way!”  Have you ever heard an irrational chatterbox say that about Oswalt?  I haven’t.

Jeter’s a guy that helps his team win and wins winningly, and that is what the Cy Young award is all about:  Pitching poorly, but being on a great offensive and defensive team and getting wins anyway.  Anybody who does that “has a lot of heart”.

Posted: 04 October 2006 09:27 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]

that was dumb

Posted: 05 October 2006 09:09 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 2 ]
baudib - 04 October 2006 09:27 AM

that was dumb

Actually, Joe Morgan made a strong argument in favor of my view that the NL Cy Young should go to Jeter today.  After a failed bunt attempt, Morgan said that Jeter “plays to win”.  He also called Jeter a “winning player”.

To explain this to all of the people who base their views on the facts, instead of their gut like me and Joe: most players don’t play to win.  They want to lose.  Furthermore, they aren’t “winning players” because they don’t attempt to make outs at the beginning of games when they are one of the best hitters in the league with the 3-4-5 of one of the best lineups of all time playing.

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