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No power in Redsland
Posted: 23 October 2006 10:55 PM   [ Ignore ]

Okay, I’m a long-time devoted Reds’ fan. I understand our dire lack of starting pitching although Harang & Arroyo looked pretty good this year.
I also understand the frustrations with Adam Dunn who manages 100+ strke-outs a year while hitting sub .250.
I also understand that he might be the best bargaining chip the Reds have in order to obtain a front line starter.

Having said that, here is my question: Great American Ball Park is a power hitter’s paradise. The Reds traded Kearns & Felipe Lopez last year. Supposedly, LaRue is on the way out as is Dunn. Griffey’s chronic injury situation makes him unreliable at best.

So why is this team being molded around players like Freel, Phillips, Denorfia, Hatteberg, Hopper etc?  Hey, I think Freel & Phillips did a great job but I think there has to be some power in the line-up especially in this ballpark.

I know Jay Bruce & Joey Votto are on the way but probably not until 2008.

Any of you folks understand the logic of losing all this power? If they trade Dunn, the only legit power will be Edwin Encarnacion & Griffey (on occasion.)