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Repoz’s Top 60 Indi/Undi Songs of 2006
Posted: 15 December 2006 04:06 PM   [ Ignore ]

Three things Ive learned from all these years of listening pleasure

1- LPs suck

2- CDs suck even more

3- Many more people were killed opening the triple gatefold sleeve on Yes’—Tales From Topographic Ocean LP than originally thought.

Top 60 Indi/Undi Songs of 2006

1-Prophet Omega—“The Right Thing”
2-The Year Of—“Stephen Hawking”
3-The Hypermodernity Club—“Our Friend in Baghdad”
4-David Vandervelde—“Jacket”
5-Mission of Burma—“2wice”
6-Crix Crax Crux—“Radio On”
7-Husky Rescue—“Blueberry Tree Part II”
8-Princeton—“Tokyo, Japan”
9-Celebrity Pilots—“Weve Lost Kasparov”
10-Oppenheimer—“This Is Not a Test”
11-Jessie Landen—“Classic”
12-The Wombats—“Backfire @ the Disco”
13-North Atlantic—“Scientist Girl”
14-The Young Knives—“Shes Attracted To”
15 Bears—“Everywhere”
16 Foundry Field Recording-“Warning Raids Over Kiev”
17-Hello Saferide—“High School Stalker”
18-Oh No! Oh My!—“I Have No Sister”
19-Tacks the Boy Disaster—“Forget Me Not”
20-The New York Dolls—“Dance Like a Monkey”
21-Yo La Tengo—“Black Flowers”
22-Pernice Brothers—“Somerville”
23-Skakkamanage—None Smoker”
24-Bad Astronaut—The “F” Word”
25-Number 1, I Love You—Kissalil Bit”
26-M.Ward—“Chinese Translation”
27-El Perro Del Mar—“I Can’t Talk About It”
28-Takka Takka—“Safer at Home”
29-The Sheds—“Too Many Pictures”
30-Black Neon—“Ralph and Barbara”
31-The Donkeys—“Be My Girl”
32-Peter Bjorn & John—“Let’s Call It Off”
33-Jeff Simmons—“Half Dollar”
34-Feathers—“Skara Brain”
35-Bang Gang—“Find What You Got”
36-Children Collide—“Strange Love”
37-Mojave 3—“A Puzzle Like You”
38-Ox—“Surrender” (Cheap Trick cover)
39-The Changes—“On a String”
40-The Happy People—“Shake Along Son”
41-Foundry Field Recording—“Beneath the Window Frames”
42-Explorers Club—“Forever”
42-Furvis—“Take Me Back”
43-Ash Tree—“Kill Are We”
44-The Apparitions—“God-Monkey-Robot”
45-The March Fourth—“Are You Asleep”
46-Boat—“Last Cans of Paint”
47-Casiotone for the Painfully Alone—“New Year’s Kiss”
48-Page France-“Who Cracked Your Egg?”
49-Princeton—“The Indifference Curve”
50-The Wombats—“Lost in the Post”
51-Hopewell—“Beautiful Targets”
52-Benni Hemm Hemm—“I Can Love You in a Wheelchair, Baby”
53-Darren Hayman—“Table for One”
54-Benoit Pioulard—“Triggering Back”
55-Continental Divide—“The Days Fade, But He’s Old”
56-Ronnie Elliott—“Mr. Edison’s Electric Chair”
57-Ryun McPhun and the Ruby Suns—“Birthday on Mars”
58-Mojave 3—“Big Star Baby”
59-Pelle Carlberg—“Middleclass Kid”
60-The Sprites—“I Started a Blog”

Posted: 18 December 2006 03:49 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]

The new Mission of Burma album is fantastic. Glad you mentioned 2wice…

Good List as always Repoz

Posted: 21 December 2006 05:33 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 2 ]

Thanks for the list!  I’m working my way through via Rhapsody (sorry if that doesn’t provide much in the way of income to these bands), and am especially liking Ox and Foundry Field Recordings…two of the many bands I had no idea existed prior to your listing.

Posted: 21 December 2006 06:07 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 3 ]

Of the few names I have heard on the list, I like M.Ward.  But he’s probably the most well-known (other than the NY Dolls).  A couple favorites of mine not on the list:

Favourite Sons - Hang on Girl
Camera Obscura - Let’s Get Out to the Country
The Spies - Domino

Thanks for the list, I look forward to trying to find these tunes somewhere

Posted: 24 December 2006 05:17 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 4 ]

Thanks guys…I easily could have gone another 10-20 cuts, it was that good a year.

BTW…After computer #2 broke down and I lost some prime info…I came across the fact that The Sound of America’s “Jan 28th” should have made the list…prolly top 10 at that.

Posted: 27 December 2006 05:06 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 5 ]

Nice list, Repoz.  Thanks for compiling it.

Stuff from ‘06 that I loved, that hasn’t been mentioned yet:
Pretty much all of The Body, The Blood, The Machine by the Thermals
“A Life Worth Living”, Aereogramme (released 2006 in Japan, 2007 everywhere else)
“Dorothy At Forty”, Cursive
“Camera”, De Rosa (though the whole album is fantastic)
“Mandy Goes To Med School”, Dresden Dolls
“The W.A.N.D.”, Flaming Lips
“Stuck Between Stations”, The Hold Steady
“Think Long”, Mates of State
All of Mclusky’s Mcluskyism, though that probably doesn’t count because it’s a compilation
All of Now You Are One Of Us by the Paper Chase.  Seriously - this is a very strong contender for album of the decade, IMO.  “We Know Where You Sleep” and “The Kids Will Grow Up To Be ########” are two particular highlights.
“Girls Music”, Shooting At Unarmed Men
Future of the Left demos, posted at their myspace page.  Particularly “Fingers Become Thumbs”.

Biggest disappointments of ‘06:
Ben Kweller, Ben Kweller
Black Keys, Magic Potion
Flaming Lips, At War With The Mystics (except for The W.A.N.D.)
Mr. Nogatco, Nogatco Rd.

Posted: 28 December 2006 03:32 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 6 ]

I bought the Mission of Burma CD sight unheard just on the recommendations here - man was it worth it.  The trendy picks (NPR, KEXP among others) have included the Decemberists - The Crane Wife and TV On the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain as top choices.  What is your thought on those?  Too mainstream?  Maybe a good rule of thumb is if Starbucks is selling your CD, you are no longer indie.

Posted: 28 December 2006 08:39 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 7 ]

I have the new Decemberists.  I dunno, it’s okay…there are some really good songs on there, but every time I listen to it I end up thinking that I’d rather listen to Her Majesty instead.

No opinion on TV On The Radio - that train left the station without me.  I’ve heard some of their stuff and it never seems to make an impression on me either way.  Maybe I just haven’t given it enough time.

Posted: 03 January 2007 04:45 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 8 ]

Well, Repoz once again offers fodder for thought and ears.  I’m surprised at the lack of love for the album format, though.  I think that with time songs are augmented by what is around them.  It’s one reason why sometimes a well-done mix will bring out qualities in song you might have otherwise missed.

But, I missed the 8-inch single era and I’m too old for the iPod single tune format.  Does that make Repoz Mesozoic and me Cretaceous, or vice versa?


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