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Posted: 22 January 2007 08:21 AM   [ Ignore ]

Hey everybody I just joined and I have a quick query for the board.  I don’t pretend to be on the cutting edge of the sabermetrics but I’ve been mulling over ways to evaluate performance and I’ve hit on something I think is quite interesting.  I’m sure I’ve only re-invented the wheel but the general formula for my idea is this:


It’s really just an attempt to see how many total bases a player creates per time at bat.  I haven’t ran a lot of numbers with it but for instance this year Miguel Tejada posted a tb/pa ratio of .530.  Willy Taveras otoh had a ratio of .350.

I’ve tried to do similar things in the past based on runs scored and runs batted in but the obvious fault with that is it rewards players in better lineups for having better talent around them and punishes players in weaker lineups, and in low-scoring enviroments.  Now this formula I present here clearly doesn’t adjust for league and park factors but I think it its a good way to judge how much a player contributes.  It’s so good in fact that I’m sure somebody has done it before; it’s just that I’ve never seen it referenced anywhere before and I was curious as to why not.  Is there any inherent weakness in this method that I’m missing?  Any comments will be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Posted: 23 January 2007 04:41 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]

Your stat seems awfully similar to Thomas Boswell’s total average, except he divides by outs rather than plate appearances. I actually think it’s kind of a fun stat to look at. Here’s a link that says more about it/.