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The Fundamental Unfairness of Baseball’s Divisional Alignment
Posted: 28 January 2007 06:48 AM   [ Ignore ]

The Chicago Cubs begin each season with a significant disadvantage in their quest to win the World Series: they play in the National League Central Division, which has six teams. All else being equal (and ignoring the wild card), the Cubs have a 16.7% chance of reaching the postseason at the beginning of the season. The same is true, of course, for every other team in the NL Central. Each team in every other division save the American League West, however, has a 20% of winning its division; the AL West teams have a 25% chance.

Consequently, the Atlanta Braves, for instance, have approximately a 20% greater chance of winning its division than the Cubs have of winning the NL Central. The Texas Rangers have a 50% greater chance.

There is, in my mind, no greater blight on major league baseball than the fundamental unfairness of its divisional alignment. And no one of importance ever says a word about it.

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