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Does anyone else find Gary Cohen extremely irritating?
Posted: 05 April 2007 03:10 AM   [ Ignore ]

I just have to get it off my chest.  I can’t stand listening to Gary Cohen.  He does a pretty good job when he just calls the game but when he gets into the banter he’s just insufferable.  I mean it.  Insufferable!!  He was going on about tights because Keith mentioned that he wore them under his uniform on cold days.  Cohen just thought it was so funny he just couldn’t get over it.  Oh man it was so annoying!!!!  Please can we get rid of him?  Then he made some stupid comment about Keith’s coat and just on and on and on with the irritatingness.  I dread having to listen to him.  He already had his appendix out last year maybe this year he can have a ruptured spleen.  I mean I don’t wish anything truly terrible on the guy because he seems like a nice enough guy but just something to get him off the air.