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Enough With the Daily Articles on the Unsettled Lineup
Posted: 08 May 2007 05:51 PM   [ Ignore ]

Lou Piniella may not have had a consistent lineup this season, but the Chicago dailies have been running a consistent theme lately: lamenting the changing lineup. Tuesday’s Chicago Tribune treats us to Dave van Dyck’s “All Cubs know is who’s on first.” (Well, and third, and left, and catcher.) Why is it so important to the Chicago MSM to have a settled lineup? The Cubs entered Monday’s games 6th in the National League in runs per game (4.9), and well above the league average (4.44), and rising. And that is with the outfield having shown almost no power during the month of April. It is not a bad thing that the manager mixes and matches to put forth the best lineup that day. It is not as if Piniella is doing things like putting Neifi Perez (or, as the case may be, Cesar Izturis) at the top of the order. And it is not a bad thing that the Cubs finally have some bench players worth playing. I don’t blame Piniella if he is “growing weary and more than a little impatient with questions about his lineup choices.” I’m growing weary with articles discussing the beat reporters’ collective obsession.

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