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Transportation to SABR convention
Posted: 24 July 2007 06:12 PM   [ Ignore ]

Might anyone out there be interested in assisting me with transportation to the SABR convention? (I’m already here in St. Louis—I just don’t have a car.) I don’t really care what events I go to—except for the game on Friday—and I’d be more than happy to provide funding for gas, parking, beverages, etc.

Posted: 25 July 2007 01:47 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]

Is there really a big need for a car?  I’ve been to 3 straight SABRs and I’ve never driven during one.  I’ll drive getting to & leaving the town, but once I’m there, the car’s parked the entire time.


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Posted: 25 July 2007 06:50 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 2 ]

Well, y’see, I’m not downtown. I’m staying at my parents’ house in the suburbs. Probably should have mentioned that.