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When do players reach their prime?
Posted: 26 July 2007 06:59 AM   [ Ignore ]

When do players reach their prime?

And what kind of research has been done on answering this question?

Posted: 27 July 2007 02:34 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]

I’m answering this off the top of my head, so nobody gripe at me for not sourcing properly:

The generally accepted peak year is the Age-27 season.  James, IIRC, did some research and found that it might be a year or two behind that.  You’ll still find mainstream (for stats people) acceptance behind 27, but somewhere between 27 and 29 is going to hit 95% of observers.  If you’re looking for research, one of James’ Abstracts (hand to God, I don’t remember which) is the way to go.


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Thanks. Sorry for the delay in replying.