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Cy Falkenberg Newsbeat

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Primer Dugout (and link of the day) 1-29-2014

Toledo News-Bee, January 29, 1914:

Cy Falkenberg‘s recital of grievances aganist the Cleveland club was one of the topics of interest in the baseball world on Thursday morning.
“Who wouldn’t jump after playing under the conditions I have? I was sent to Toledo, when I possessed major league ability. I demonstrated that ability by leading the A.A. in 1912,” said Cy.
“On top of [Falkenberg’s 23-10, 2.22 ERA, 136 ERA+ season in 1913], what sort of gratitude did the club show to me? Why, at the end of the season my check was short 95 cents for extras in New York. It was the ingratitude of the management that hurt. Then, to cap the climax, they ask me, after my splendid record of last season, to work for $9.38 a week more than last year. Is that gratitude? Can you beat it?”

They sent him to Toledo. Toledo.

Falkenberg would have had a strong case for the Federal League’s 1914 MVP award had there been such a thing. He led the league in pitching appearances, games started, innings pitched, strikeouts, shutouts, batters faced, and WAR while putting up an ERA+ of 155. Falkenberg won 25 games in 1914, Cleveland won 51.

Inept Cleveland management allowing star pitchers to get away? Color me shocked.



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