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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Fallacy of lively ball

As many of you know, I was an adviser to Major League Baseball (MLB) teams, in regards to player evaluation and players acquisitions and trades.

It was a long time ago, however!

I have been listening to ‘sports radio’, and continue to be infuriated at the nonsense in regards to the current record increase in Home Runs (HRs), that these sports ‘commentators’ repeat, daily.

Rather than admit that the disgusting ‘Steroid Era’ was a creation of the media, these sports ‘commentators’ cover their former mistakes with a new one: “The ball is lively”.

The same thing happened when Babe Ruth came on the scene. A faux “Lively Ball Era” was created, with the faux creation of “The Dead Ball Era” as its predecessor.

It was an insult to Babe Ruth, to claim that the reason he hit HRs, was the ‘lively ball’, rather than the reality of smaller stadiums and, most importantly, a change in batting style, by Babe Ruth, that created those HRs.

In the 1990’s, with a Black baseball player, Barry Bonds, smashing MLB HR records, along with a plethora of other sluggers hitting HRs at record rates, a new ‘explanation’ needed to be found to explain the cause of the new explosion of HRs.

An additional factor, pushing this nonsense, was that the MLB Baseball player union had just beaten the MLB billionaire owners, once again, in the 1994/5 lockout that prematurely ended the season, resulting in the cancellation of the 1994 MLB “World Series”. (I was an adviser to the Montreal Expos, the team with the best record in MLB that year, as well as the Boston Red Sox)

“The Steroid Era” nonsense was completely based upon the fact that HRs had increased to record numbers, with the result that there was a ‘witch hunt’ that was created against the greatest players in the game, at that time.

The height of the “Witch Hunt” came when militarist Senator John McCain, a buddy of President George W. Bush, who had been one of the MLB team owners who had been repeatedly defeated by the MLB players union, dragged the helpless players before a congressional hearing, with all the media focusing their venom on the supposedly “cheating” players.

As a result of the ‘witch hunt’, MLB star players were driven out of the game, in the vicious nationwide attack that followed, and the MLB player union, for the first time, was forced to make concessions on the union contract, especially in regards to “drug testing”.

The MLB team owners had finally won, for THE FIRST TIME! The owners finally had obtained “peace”, in player relations, with union contracts signed without a strike or a lockout, after the owners had lost, every time, in several previous contract disputes.

So how do these sports ‘commentators’ explain the fact that MLB hitters, TODAY, are hitting HRs at a pace that would make the “Steroid Era” look like the “Dead Ball Era”, in comparison!

To get out of their quandary, these sports ‘commentators’ have invented a new “Lively Ball Era” fictional story.

The reason that the players in the “Steroid Era” increased HR production, is the very same as when Babe Ruth changed baseball and it is the same reason for today’s ‘explosion’ in HRs.

The hitters had changed their batting style, based on the new data that showed that a change in batting style would increase offensive production.

The reason that TODAY’s hitters are hitting even more HRs, is the continued improvement in the data analysis of batting.

The ‘solution’ to the quandary is just that simple, but these sports commentators, (such as Mike Francesa of WFAN), cannot admit they were wrong.

It is time that Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and all the victims of the steroid witch hunt, be exonerated and apologized to, and those that belong in the MLB Hall Of Fame, should be installed immediately.

The “Steroid Era” fantasy has been disproved by the current MLB player performances..

Time to tell the corporate sports media ‘commentators’ to:


caiman Posted: September 19, 2019 at 01:23 AM | 150 comment(s)
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