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Friday, November 22, 2013

Buzzfeed: The Godfather Of Sabermetrics Has A Novel Theory On JFK’s Death: It Was An Accident

He does, however, have a very interesting theory about why Kennedy actually died. More to the point, Bonar Menninger and Howard Donahue have the theory, which is laid out in Menninger’s book Mortal Error. James enthusiastically endorses the theory in his own book Popular Crime. (Popular Crime, James’ obsessive study of pretty much every notorious American criminal case of the last three hundred or so years, is highly recommended.) …

It’s a detailed argument, obviously, but it boils down to this: Kennedy’s fatal wound seems to have come from a bullet fired on the same plane as his head (rather than above). Secret Service agent George Hickey, in the car trailing the president, picked up an AR-15 rifle immediately after hearing Oswald’s rifle shots. (See the picture below.) Another Secret Service agent in fact said in a statement that, on that day, he’d thought Hickey had fired his weapon. And several witnesses near Hickey’s car reported smelling gunpowder immediately after the shots. Donahue therefore believes, as Bonar Menninger writes in Mortal Error, that Hickey fired the kill shot by accident.

Eh, I agree with Howard Stern: Kennedy’s head exploded from sexual tension, not a gunshot.

JE (Jason Epstein) Posted: November 22, 2013 at 11:12 PM | 165 comment(s)
  Beats: bill james, crime, murder, sabermetrics



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