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Friday, October 23, 2015


Never mind Shake Shack, chop shop prices have jumped too.

The World Series, like baseball itself, is much more local. If the World Series comes to town, that means your team is in the World Series. (And apparently, in a pinch, this can work even for two-team towns!) It becomes a collective experience for your city, something for everyone to commiserate about at the water cooler or the playground, a thickness in the air that keeps everyone light on their feet. It’s something you’ll always remember. That was the year of the World Series. The Super Bowl is an event that happens to you. The World Series is an event you’re a part of.

And this is never truer than at a World Series game itself. The Super Bowl, rather infamously, is not for the fans of the teams playing in the game, not really. You can have zero interest in the outcome of a Super Bowl and it won’t particularly affect your enjoyment of the experience either way. You can still party all week and you can still see the halftime show and you can still say you were at a Super Bowl and you can be back home on the red eye that night if you want to. The Super Bowl is easy; it requires money far more than it requires effort or commitment.

But attending a World Series game, you have to be emotionally invested. There isn’t just one event, first of all, and you don’t know, before you buy the ticket, what the circumstances are, what game of the series it will be, who’s going to pitch, whether it’s going to rain. Due to the start time, you’ll be lucky to get out of there before midnight. (Then: Good luck with traffic and/or the subway!) All the shops and food and beer stands are still there like they always are, only everything’s more expensive and the lines are longer. And it’s so much colder. Logistically, a World Series game is just like a regular-season game, except it requires so much commitment from you.

But it’s so worth it, and you can tell it the minute you walk in the park. “Electricity” doesn’t quite cover it. It is as if an invisible hand picks you up and carries you through the turnstiles. It is like a global event celebrating you, specifically. The World Series takes something familiar—a baseball game, at your local park—and fuses it with massive import, turning it into something extravagant and eternal. The place vibrates. It feels like someone hosting the Oscars in your living room. I’ve been to Busch Stadium 37 times since it opened, but the four World Series games are the ones I’ll never forget. I’ve actually only seen Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City four times, all four of which have been World Series games. As far as I can tell, that place is Westminster Abbey. Every part of it glitters. A World Series inspires your stadium to put on its fancy clothes. The world, after all, is watching.

JEe (Jason) Posted: October 23, 2015 at 08:50 AM | 5 comment(s)
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