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Friday, June 02, 2006

SABR36 Convention Schedule

Chris Jaffe alerted me that this was up. Links to each day’s schedule appear off the main page.

The schedule is a little unusual this year, in that the research presentations are on Thursday and Saturday (in what appears to be an effort to get more presentations on the schedule, something that I’ve been arguing for). Steve Treder, Chris Jaffe, Vince Gennaro, Maury Brown and Jeff Angus will present. Some of the abstracts are linked already, and they all will be eventually.

Mike Emeigh Posted: June 02, 2006 at 03:39 PM | 10 comment(s) Login to Bookmark
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   1. Old Matt Posted: June 02, 2006 at 04:27 PM (#2048331)
In no way related to this year: Have they announced where next year's convention is? I'd like to get to one of these. Bouton and Marshall this year makes for a cool guest list.
   2. Mike Emeigh Posted: June 02, 2006 at 04:31 PM (#2048334)
Have they announced where next year's convention is?

St. Louis

-- MWE
   3. Dag Nabbit at Posted: June 02, 2006 at 06:39 PM (#2048455)
Going there . . .

1) Maury Brown. Not just going, he's the Oregon Liason, so if he doesn't make there's a shot Big Foot might run amuk through the streets of Rain City. He's in & giving a presentation with Dan Fox.
2) Chris Dial. Has to go. I don't see how you can even have a SABR without him, the first 33 gatherings not withstanding. He said he's in.
3) Anthony Giacalone. Going & giving a presentation.
4) Me. I'm #3's roommate. I'm also giving a presentation.
5) Steve Treder. Going & giving a presentatio.
6) deJesus Freak. Not just a member, but the parliamentarian for SABR's national board. He said he's going.
7) Vinay. He said he's going.
8) Aaron Gleeman. Vinay gave the results from an intenral THT conversation about SABR36 - according to it, Gleeman's a lock.
9) Ben Jacobs. Made enough money in poker in Toronto to finance Seattle. Vinay pegged him as a likely attendees in the THT conversation.
10) Neal Traven. Casting the net broadly here. Only a handful of posts on primer, but as the head of SABR's stats committee he's some kind of honorary primate. Besides, he went out drinking with primates one night. Plus he lives in Seattle. He's in.
11) Rob Neyer. Casting a very wide net here, but he did mention in the Gleeman sum up thread that he was disappointed in not meeting any primates. Famous last words. He's in.
12) Jon Daly. Said he's not likely to go.
13) Rauseo. Went from being unlikely, to booking a hotel room in the overflow hotel. Unclear
14) Joe Dimino. According to Vinay, he's a lock.
15) Bob T. Active SABR member. Gave presentation in Cin, ran a room in Toronto, and since he lives in LA this is far closer to his home. He's in, though he usually spends time with long time SABR friends, which is fine.
16) David Jones. Active SABR member. Doesn't spend much time with the primer flock, but is scheduled to head the Dead Ball Committee.
17) Harveys Wallbanger. Taking the wife to Maine in late June.
18) Dan Szymborski. He can't go.
19) Sean Forman. He's going and giving a presentation.
20) Jim Furtado. Not going.
21) Justin Kubatko. Maybe 1 post ever at primer, but he hung out with the primer flock in Cincinnati. Lives in NM/AZ so this one's unusually close for him. Likely?
22) runningbyrd. Lives in/around Seattle & mentioned something about letting people stay at his place. However, the weekend in question he has to go to an out-of-state wedding, so he's out.
23) Eric Enders. Active SABR member, has missed at least two in a row, both which point towards him coming this time. But it is a long distance. Likely, I guess.
24) Will Young. Went to Toronto, but can't make it to this one.
25) Mike Emeigh. Active SABR member, and said he's going.
26) John Murphy. Apparently not getting.
27) Greg Spira - Sean Forman said he's in.
28) Joe K. Posted on primer maybe 3 times, all in SABR threads last year. Went last year & won the Trivia Contest. Also went to a Thai restraunt with me, Szym, & Dial. Posted here and said he's probably going.
29) Dick Thompson. Hasn't posted on primer in quite a while, but I believe he's a SABR member. I don't think he was in Toronto. No idea on his odds of going to Seattle.
30) Paul Wendt. Only btf posts are in the HoM. Going and running he meeting for the 19th century committee.
31) Scott Lange. Went to Cincinnati, not Tornoto. Maybe/doubtful.
32) Dennis Goodman. Maybe 3 posts ever, but co-runs northside lounge with Lange, and hung out with primer crowd in Cincinnati. Maybe/doubtful
33) Roadblock Jones. Went to Toronto, but said he can't make it to this one.
34) fra paolo. Went to Toronto, but lives in UK with young children. Wildly unlikely.
35) psa1/snuggles. IIRC, he mentioned something about submitting a possible presentation but I don't think it got accepted. No idea if he's going.
36) Toolsy McClutch. Went to Toronto but said he's not going to this one. .
37) Craig Burley. Toronto guy with family who only made half of last year's convention. Extremely doubtful.
38) Sam M. Lives near Cincinnati & only made half of that year's convention. Missed Toronto. Doubt it.
39) mgl. SABR member & did go to Cincinnati, though I don't recall seeing him. Maybe.
40) Mike Webber. HoM voter who was in Toronto. Maybe
41) Mike Emslie. Toronto'er who was in Toronto. Unlikely. Either he or Webber has supposedly gone to several, but I forget which one.
42) Phil Coorey. Mentioned he might try to go there, last year, but haven't heard anything recently. Doubtful.
43) Vince Galloro. Same as Phil. Doubtful.
44) UCCF. Same as the last two.
45) blonde haired guy who played poker in Cincinnati. Can't for the life of me remember his name, but he was in Dial's table in the big poker game, and hung out with the primer flock the day of the ballgame. Not in Toronto, I think. No idea on Seattle.
46) Ron/b Johnson. Forgot what his first name is. Went to Toronto, but lives around there. Doubtful.
47) Repoz. Once mentioned (I think) that he'd like to go but is caught up doing something (executor of an estate or something weird like that). His participation in Seattle would depend on his weird thing, I guess. Haven't heard anything, so he's doubtful.
48) studes. According to Vinay, he'd like to go, but can't that weekend.
49) Dan Fox. Maybe 1-2 posts here ever, but I consider THT guys to be de facto primates. Going and e's in & giving a presentation with Maury Brown..
50) Brian Borawski. Another THT listed as a SABR member. Unlikely. No word from Vinay one way or the other, so I doubt it.
51) Dan Werr. The Sam M. or Burley or Seattle? Who knows. Maybe.
52) SMK. Start with Werr's chances then subtract for distance, odds that it fits in her schedule even if it fits in with his, and so forth.
53) Larry Mahnken. Wanted to go last year, but couldn't. Much farther distance this year. Rather unlikely.
54) Biff. Ditto previous comment.
55) Max Parkinson. HoM voter who went to Toronto. I think he lives around Toronto. Unlikely.
56) meatwad. Same as Biff & Larry. Unlikely.
57) David Nierporent. SABR member, once mentioned he ought to go to one of these one day. This one's as far away from him as possible. Unlikely.
58) Jack Vincennes. Remember him saying he'd like to go. Also remember him saying the weekend doesn't work out for him. Unlikely.
59) pmob. Lives around there. Never heard him talk about going & he hardly posts on primer lately. Unlikely.
60) RB in DC. Vaguely recall him saying he'd like to go one, but memory so fuzzy it may be incorrect. Unlikley.
61) Phil Birnbaum. Has maybe 3-4 posts here ever, but I've been changing e-mails with him for the last month or two, and it's my list. He's going & giving a presentation.
63) Greg Tamer - In previous SABR thread Vinay said Tamer might go.
64) sardonic - Same as previous comment.
65) Carolina - THT editor. Ditto last two comments.
66) HCO - Said he might go
67) Ghost of Sox Fans Past - From Seattle area. Said he might go.
   4. rb's team is hopeful for the new year! Posted: June 02, 2006 at 06:46 PM (#2048466)
22) runningbyrd. Lives in/around Seattle & mentioned something about letting people stay at his place. However, the weekend in question he has to go to an out-of-state wedding, so he's out.

Will be back for saturday night. Has two good tickets to the game that night. Wants to know if people are planning on going to the game.
   5. GGC Posted: June 02, 2006 at 07:08 PM (#2048483)
12) Jon Daly. Said he's not likely to go.

Took the week off, but something else came up. In the unlikely event that that falls through, I may show up.
   6. Long Time Reader, First time Poster Posted: June 02, 2006 at 07:31 PM (#2048497)
Hey.. I'm #28 on the list and am questionable to attend... I tore a ligament in my wrist and tried the Gary Sheffield approach (splint, therapy and cortisone)... didn't work for me.. so I'm having surgery on June 12th... have to see how that goes before I know if I can go for sure or not... Have not registered or booked a plane ticket yet (but do have a nearby hotel).
   7. Mister High Standards Posted: June 02, 2006 at 08:16 PM (#2048538)
#13 and #14 are in for sure.
   8. Repoz Posted: June 02, 2006 at 08:47 PM (#2048560)
Once mentioned (I think) that he'd like to go but is caught up doing something (executor of an estate or something weird like that). His participation in Seattle would depend on his weird thing, I guess. Haven't heard anything, so he's doubtful.

No go, even tho we won the case, have been refabbing the inherited house but will prolly be in jail by convention time...after I track down my drug-addled friend that put the new roof on backwards.
   9. Anthony Giacalone Posted: June 03, 2006 at 02:23 AM (#2048948)
#13 and #14 are in for sure.

Boy, oh boy, are we going to be drunk. Is Stallard going? I love getting drunk with Stallard.

Think Neyer will go out drinking with us? That'd be pretty cool . . . until Dial goes all crazy on him. Heh. That'd actually kind of make it more cool.
   10. Meatwad Posted: June 09, 2006 at 07:47 AM (#2057423)
make sure neyer has a nice but fun time, unleash the full primer potential in 07 when i can come down and get hammered with you guyd

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