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Thursday, October 24, 2002

World Series Game 4 - Primer Chat

The Baseball Primates play follow the Rueter.

For the 3rd time this playoff season, Baseball Primer contributors and Baseball Primer readers got together to talk shop.  Amazingly, we stayed fairly on-topic.  To follow the game, catch the link at the bottom for Chris Dial’s scanned scorecard.


Joe Dimino: What do we think of the moments?

Joe Dimino: Nolan a joke, Gibson good.

Aaron Gleeman: For some reason I just dont care about these moments, I am trying to get into it, but I really couldn’t care less.

Joe Dimino: DiMaggio good, though not a moment.

Chris Reed: I agree, Aaron.

Joe Dimino: I got into it for the All-Star Game, here I’m not

Chris Dial: I get chills every time I hear Gehrig.

Joe Dimino: Williams good, not a moment.

Aaron Gleeman: It just seems very awkward.

Joe Dimino: Rose was pretty memorable.

Aaron Gleeman: And Andy Garcia’s voice sounds horrendous.

Joe Dimino: But what about Ruth’s 60?

Aaron Gleeman: I am sort of glad Pete Rose got onto the field though.

Chris Dial: The problem with voting - nobody was alive when Gehrig gave his speech.

Joe Dimino: Or Maris’ 61?

Chris Reed: I want Rose to be reinstated and then not make the Hall of Fame as nothing more than a glorified singles hitter.

Aaron Gleeman: For me, I think McGwire is my most memorable NON-TWINS moment.

Joe Dimino: [Rose] might be overrated, but he was still a great hitter.

Chris Dial: Rose was not a glorified singles hitter.

Aaron Gleeman: Rose is overrated, but still a very, very good player.

Joe Dimino: He was a great player for a couple of years, and had a very long career, it’s a no-brainer.

Charlie Saeger:  Damn, Jackie Robinson was my number one pick.

Chris Reed: Rose was very good at hitting singles. GREAT at hitting singles and doing the scrappy-Angels type things. Fun to watch.

Chris Dial: Aaron’s 715. 

Eric Opperman: Have Gibson’s homer or Thompson’s homer been listed yet?

Aaron Gleeman: If Ichiro! gets #1 I am going to hang myself.

Aaron Gleeman: Gibson’s homer was 9th.

Charlie Saeger: I doubt Ichiro! even ranked.  I suspect it’s Cal Ripken.

Chris Dial: Wow, it is Ripken.

Charlie Saeger: #2 is Henry Aaron.

Mark Ryan: I can’t believe I missed half of this.

Joe Dimino: [Liotta’s] going to have a stroke.

Mike Emeigh: Half of what? The game hasn’t started yet.

Chris Dial: You didn’t miss much - except a lot of Ray Liotta screaming.

Chris Dial: You would think he’d know about microphones and such.

Aaron Gleeman: I heard Liotta on Howard Stern, that dude has a weird life.

Chris Dial: I sat behind him at a Dodger game.

Chris Dial: Cal winning on the Gen X vote.  The ones that know how to use computers.

Chris Dial: Who is a better player - the second greatest SS or the Greatest 1B?  I do love Cal.

Eric Opperman: That was definitely the loudest cheer ever for the third out in the top of the fourth inning.

Chris Dial: That was a great moment.

Eric Opperman: Longest one too

Chris Dial: Of course, it had more TV than most of the others

Chris Dial : Everyone’s moment?  Gehrig for me.

Aaron Gleeman: I just think it is stupid that so many “moments” happened in the last 2 decades.

Chris Dial: And it doesn’t have to be one of these choices.

Joe Dimino: Cal was memorable, I remember where I was and who I was with that night.  We still talk about it.

Aaron Gleeman: Nothing beats Kirby in game 6 for me although Jack Morris the next night wasn’t bad

Charlie Saeger: Gehrig’s was overrated.  Another New Yorker indulges himself.  Robinson, Fisk, Gibson ...

Joe Dimino: But I wonder if that’s because Gehrig is my favorite historical player.

Joe Dimino: I’m praying that you’re joking Charlie, but you never know.

Chris Reed: Do you think Cal opened the doors for big shortstops like Jeter and A-ROD, or do you think they would have ended up at SS no matter what?

Aaron Gleeman: Nothing gets baseball geeks worked up more than saying someone is overrated, did you ever notice that?

Chris Dial: Robinson has a good argument.

Eric Opperman: Probably McGwire 62 for me, but I’m more biased to what I’ve actually seen, as opposed to stuff that happened before I was born or before I was aware that the world extended beyond myself and my parents.

Joe Dimino: They’d have ended up there no matter what.

Tony Giacalone: Did you guys mention McGwire at #4 while Barry sat in the dugout?

Joe Dimino: Mantle would’ve been there if he could field.  They almost all start as SS’s, then get moved when they prove they can’t handle it.  Sometimes that’s high school.

Charlie Saeger: Robinson is the obvious choice.  It is the one time when baseball had an impact on the rest of the world.

Eric Opperman: Bonds’s 71st just wasn’t the same.  McGwire had a full year of build-up, if not more.

Eric Opperman: They’re actually going to sing the national anthem tonight?

Joe Dimino: They should’ve done this at 7:53.

Charlie Saeger: Grammy Award for regurgitating perfectly good music her father recorded several decades ago.

Tony Giacalone: It would be like giving a Grammy to Hank Williams Jr.

Aaron Gleeman: Natalie Cole is the only CD my mother owns, it is sort of pathetic.

Glenn P.: Never see a lead singer with a backup chorus that started the anthem.

Aaron Gleeman: You know, I think I have only heard 1 national anthem that I have liked in the history of all sporting events I have been at or watched on TV.

David Brazeal: There, for a second it was a cross between the Star-Spangled Banner and Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.

Aaron Gleeman: BTW, Since I am telling this to anyone that will listen today…Rueter is going to get crushed!  Won’t make it out of the 3rd.

Joe Dimino: 5-3 Halos. I don’t think crushed, like 6 IP, 4 R.

Mike Emeigh: Lackey is the 3rd pitcher to start a WS game on his birthdaym

Joe Dimino: Who are the other 2?

Tony Giacalone: I’m saying the Rueter has a fine game 2 runs in 6 innings

Charlie Saeger: I’ve always wondered how player’s perform on their birthdays or when they have children born.

Mike Emeigh: Brickyard Kennedy in 1903 (he lost) and Johnny Podres in 1955 (he won).

Tony Giacalone: They killed bad fastballs the last two nights. Reuter doesn’t have a fastball.

Charlie Saeger: Which game for Podres?

Mark Ryan: There was a week in 1999 when the tigers had more babies (6) than wins (2).

Aaron Gleeman: The Angels kill lefties and they never strike out.  Hey, I heard Lackey can hit a little bit, true?

Mike Emeigh: Charlie, Game 3

Charlie Saeger: Ah, not THE Podres game in that World Series.

Tony Giacalone: Then the Angels are going to win As a group, players play way better on their birthdays.

Charlie Saeger: I’ve always noticed lots of 3-5s and 2 HRs on birthdays, but I never really bothered to check.

Mike Emeigh: James used to do it in the Abstracts.

Charlie Saeger: Surprised I missed that one.

Bottom of 1st


Anaheim 0, San Francisco 0, no outs, Kenny Lofton leads off.

Aaron Gleeman: Crap, my Angels to score first wager is not looking good.  This could get ugly if rueter pitches well tonight

Mike Emeigh: Rueter’s got a 3.02 ERA at home this year, 3.44 away. He was an extreme GB pitcher at PacBell, a flyball pitcher on the road, too - wow!

Joe Dimino: DIPS might not apply 100%, it almost certainly doesn’t.

Eric Opperman: Your Angels to score first wager doesn’t look that bad now.

Aaron Gleeman: Here is what I have going on tonights game: Anaheim to win - Anaheim over 5 runs - Lackey to get more outs than Rueter - Angels to score 1st.

Joe Dimino: Lackey looks like Nolan Ryan a little.

Chris Dial: Base hit for Lofton.

Charlie Saeger: Hit AND a [shippy] throw.

Chris Dial: It was a glove flip.

Aaron Gleeman: Does that count as a throw?

Chris Dial: Give him an error, Charlie?

Eric Opperman: Gil should have held on to the ball.

Aaron Gleeman: That’s a hit all the way.

Eric Opperman: It counts as an assist if he gets the out, so it’s a “throw”

V.C.: Has anyone seen Lofton NOT square to bunt when leading off the game this postseason?

Eric Opperman: But even I give a hit every time on that.

Charlie Saeger: No error, obviously, though I would have taken a sec before trying that.

Glenn P.: Not that Kennedy would have had it, but I think he’s better than Gil at second.

Aaron Gleeman: I think Kennedy is pretty great at 2nd.

Lofton on 1st, no outs, Rich Aurilia at the plate.

Chris Dial: Don’t bunt, Dusty.

Chris Dial: Aurilia and Kent have just been hammered by sliders.

Mike Emeigh: Well, he didn’t have Aurilia bunt last night, but he did have Lofton running on 3-2.

Joe Dimino: Really, bunt and then let them walk Barry after Kent whiffs.

Charlie Saeger: Why bunt with Barry Bonds possibly coming to bat and the IBB wide open?

Charlie Saeger: It’s like Weaver said to Reggie, don’t steal second just so first base can be open so Lee May will be walked.

Aurilia singles to rightfield, Lofton advances to 3rd.  Jeff Kent at the plate.

Chris Dial: C’mon Kent - lean into that!

Mike Emeigh: Kent hits into a DP, Barry IBBs.

Eric Opperman: Hmm…Lofton would have cried like a little girl about that pitch.

Chris Dial: Lofton was correct about being thrown at and he just yelled “Hey!”

Mike Emeigh: No, it’s going to be a one-hopper back to the mound w/ Lofton holding

Aaron Gleeman: Oh! That was a strike.

Eric Opperman: Wow, that was a *GOOD* pitch.

Charlie Saeger: Mike Hargrove is the most influental player of the last 20 years.  Everyone imitates him.

Charlie Saeger: Nice strike.

Aaron Gleeman: Well, so was that. 

Joe Dimino: Told you he’d whiff.  Choker.

Chris Dial: That’s brutal.

Charlie Saeger: But he’s a savvy gamer.

1 out, Lofton at 3rd, Aurilia at 1st, Barry Bonds to the plate.

Glenn P.: IBB

Joe Dimino: I think this is a poor move.

Aaron Gleeman : I like it Joe!

Joe Dimino: You don’t load the bases EVER.

V.C.: Exact same situation as last night.

Chris Dial: No way - set up the DP and it generally will stay out of a big inning.

Joe Dimino: It gives you no margin for error with Santiago.  You’ve got to throw him something to hit.  I think it sets up a big inning.

Aaron Gleeman: All you need is GB and inning over.

Charlie Saeger: But walking a guy to set up a DP doesn’t work.  He’s more likely to score than you are to turn the DP.

Aaron Gleeman: I would literally walk Barry every single time at this point.

Joe Dimino: Is Lackey a GB pitcher?  Is Benny a DP machine (adjusting for Barry always being on 1B)

Bases loaded, 1 out.  Benito Santiago grounds into a double play.

Eric Opperman: Wow, good play by Eckstein/

Glenn P.: If they didn’t walk Bonds, he homered, and the Giants won a close one, they’d have Scoscia in the press conference answering questions intil Christmas.

Aaron Gleeman: Lackey = 1.31 GB/FB.

Charlie Saeger: Well, it worked.

Joe Dimino: Can’t argue w/results.

Chris Dial: Lackey’s just above average.

Joe Dimino: But I don’t like it w/one out.

Mike Emeigh : Which is a mild GB pitcher.

Charlie Saeger: I don’t like it with less than 2 out and first base occupied.

Aaron Gleeman: Did you guys realize Washburn was the biggest FB pitcher this year?

Aaron Gleeman: Actually, Lackey’s 1.31 ratio is identical to Rueter’s.

Joe Dimino: What’s the work on Eckstein’s D? I think he’s pretty good although the arm isn’t great.

Aaron Gleeman: I think he is very solid.

Mike Emeigh: Lowe was at 3.46 G/F.

Joe Dimino: It seems like he covers a ton of ground.

Glenn P.: They had a choice of whether to move Kennedy or Eckstein from 2nd to short, I guess, and they picked him.

Aaron Gleeman: Did Kennedy play SS in the STL system?

Tony Giacalone : Yes.

Glenn P.: Speaking of Rose…

Mike Emeigh: Must we?

Aaron Gleeman: Let’s not.

Dan Szymborski: I’d want a real act of contrition.

Charlie Saeger: If Pete Rose apologises, he should never be allowed into baseball.  If he does not, he must be let back in.:-)

Top of 2nd

Anaheim 0, San Francisco 0, Gil on second, Molina on 1st, 1 out, John Lackey at the plate.

Eric Opperman: So, can Lackey hit?  Or at least bunt?

Chris Reed: It’s hard to feel bad for a self-absorbed, money-driven [axehole] with a gambling problem.

Aaron Gleeman: I heard Lackey is a good hitter.

Glenn P.: He will bunt 100%.

Joe Dimino: I so want to talk about Rose, but I don’t want to hijack the thread, so I’ll bite my tongue.

Dan Szymborski: I’d let Rose back in under a few conditions.  He admits what he did, seeks gambling treatment and does something for baseball, like, say, donating his time to help spread baseball in Eastern Europe for 5 years

Joe Dimino: I think he’s paid his dues. 13 years is long enough for betting on, and not throwing games.

Charlie Saeger: Here’s what I think—Pete Rose has never been proven to have bet on baseball.  However, Bud Selig has been proven to be trying to tank at least two teams.  Ban Selig.

Lackey singles to rightfield.  Bases loaded, 1 out.

Aaron Gleeman : See, I told ya Lackey could hit.

Chris Dial: Lackey was a good college player.

Dan Szymborski: I’d wholeheartedly support a ban on Selig.

Mike Emeigh: Lackey’s first ML PA, too

Mark Ryan: Selig had financial ties to someone who benefits from a team’s failure.  that’s the motivation behind the anti-gambling rule.

Glenn P.: So much for my 100% bunt.

Charlie Saeger: You can DH anyone in high school.  You can also courtesy run.

Eric Opperman: My senior year, my HS used the DH for the RF most of the time.

Glenn P.: Shawon went to your HS?

Bernal Diaz: Was that a looper or a flair?

Chris Dial: That was a line drive.

Charlie Saeger: Why do the Angels always hold the runners?  The did it last night too, similar situation.

V.C.: Hrmmm…first at bat: world series….hit…wonder if that’s ever happened before?

Glenn P.: When Barry hit a homer in his first WS AB ever, the list of the 26 who had done it included 2-3 pitchers.

Eckstein sac fly, Gil scores.  Runners on 1st and 2nd, 2 out.

Chris Dial: Lofton has a known bad arm.

V.C. : Glenn: but this was lackey’s first MAJOR LEAGUE at bat, not just WS.

Glenn P.: Is Bonds’ arm better?

Bernal Diaz: My arm is better than Kenny’s.

Chris Dial: Better than Lofton’s?

Chris Dial: Probably.

Chris Dial: Lofton needs to know his own limitations.

Charlie Saeger: Bonds doesn’t have a strong arm, but he has an accurate arm.  Which would not have helped here.

Dan Szymborski : Lofton has a stronger arm than Shannon Stewart.

Chris Dial: If Bonds’ arm is at all better, they get Gil.

Tony Giacalone: Lofton has no arm.  I was amazed at how bad his defense was while with the Sox this year.

Joe Dimino: He should have got a running start.  He should’ve backed up a little then timed it and charged.

Dan Szymborski: Maybe the reason Lofton’s arm is so weak is that he’s actually righthanded but never thought to try to throw with the right hand.

Bottom of 2nd


Anaheim 1, San Francisco 0, 1 out, Reggie Sanders on 1st, David Bell grounds out to short.  Kirk Rueter to the plate.

Dan Szymborski: Did Glaus almost get killed?

Charlie Saeger: Nice charge.

Eric Opperman: Wow, Glaus couldn’t have been comfortable there.

Aaron Gleeman: Anyone notice how many bats are breaking and almost hitting fielders in the playoffs this year?!

Dan Szymborski: Vinny did a better job evading *his* harpoon in the NLDS.

Chris Dial: Eck has a good arm.

Joe Dimino: Walk him for Lofton.

Dan Szymborski : Of course, from a Braves fan perspective, you could say Vinny did a *poor* job at avoiding the bat-spear.

Rueter grounds out to second base, ending the inning.

Aaron Gleeman: There was a play where a bat almost hit Koskie in the regular season and he just stood straight up and looked at it as the ball rolled past him.

Chris Dial: Half a step at this level is huge.

Aaron Gleeman: Well, I mean close for a PITCHER.

Eric Opperman: It looked closer in real time because they didn’t show the runner until the ball was caught.

Top of 3rd


Anaheim 1, San Francisco 0, Salmon at first, no outs, Garret Anderson grounds into fielder’s choice at 2nd.  Troy Glaus batting.

Eric Opperman: Anderson tried to GIDP there

Chris Dial: Kent choked on that GB.

Mike Emeigh: It wasn’t hit that hard, Dial.

Chris Dial: Hard enough.

Mike Emeigh: It was a tough play to turn 2.

Glaus homers to center.

Charlie Saeger: That was just barely enough.

Joe Dimino: I said 4 R, 6 IP, still likely.

Dan Szymborski: Kile’s going to be on the next HOF ballot.

Mike Emeigh: 7th for Troy, tied with Barry.

Eric Opperman: I don’t really think Kile is a legit HOFer, but you never know.

Dan Szymborski: I hope too many sportswriters don’t try to give Kile a sympathy vote and they accidentally induct him.

Bernal Diaz: If Kile gets in then he needs to go in with Thurman.

Eric Opperman: He could have turned into one, but a lot of things could have happened.

Tony Giacalone: Why does Kile make it to the 2003 ballot?

Joe Dimino: 128-115.

Dan Szymborski : He died.

Joe Dimino : Thurman was better.

Dan Szymborski: When you die, you only have to wait 6 months.

Joe Dimino: Special eligibilty if you die when active.

Dan Szymborski: Apparently, when you’re dead, it’s of the utmost importance to be inducted quickly so that you don’t have to wait.

Eric Opperman: If a player dies while in action, there’s only a six month wait instead of five years.

Tony Giacalone: That’s the stupidest rule ever.

Chris Dial: It’s the Clemente rule.

Tony Giacalone: The whole point of the five years is to bring perpective.

Joe Dimino: Gehrig had a special election too.


Bottom of 3rd


Anaheim 3, San Francisco 0, Lofton leads off the inning.


Aaron Gleeman: Well, I guess I was wrong, Rueter made it out of the 3rd.

V.C.: He’s only got a 9.00 ERA…much better than the 12+ posted by Giants starters in Games 1-3.

Tony Giacalone: Instead you ditch the waiting period which only further clouds a players career.

Joe Dimino: For someone who was pretty good, I’m shocked to see Kile only had 4 years w/ERA+ over 100.

Dan Szymborski : When a player dies, there’s *more* need for time to gain perspective, not less.

Chris Dial: Mostly because Kile wasn’t “pretty good.”

Tony Giacalone: Clemente and Gehrig were going in regardless.

Charlie Saeger: This, of course, is pretty meaningless.  Electing Darryl Kile is about as silly as electing, say, Thurman Munson.  Maybe even more so, though Kile wasn’t regarded as a complete jerk.

Joe Dimino: Thurman was one of the 20 greatest catchers ever.

Eric Opperman: Coors hurt Kile’s numbers even more than the Astrodome helped them earlier.

Joe Dimino: Not that he deserves it, but he’s a lot more deserving than Kile, not even close.

Tony Giacalone: As Bill James once said “Rick Cerone is to catching what Munson was to aviation.”

Tony Giacalone: Esquire made him edit it.

Bernal Diaz: Jayson Stark looks like Rick Cerone

Joe Dimino: Is that the biggest fluke year ever?  He was AWFUL the rest of his career.

Tony Giacalone: Cerone did have a ten-year career,

Joe Dimino:  But awesome in 1980.

Chris Dial: Lofton, Aurilia, Kent.  Sounds like runs.

V.C.: I predict a base hit for Kent.

Lofton singles to rightfield.  Rich Aurilia comes to the plate.

Aaron Gleeman: If Barry came up right now with the bases loaded, do you think they would walk him?

Chris Dial: Lackey is hanging them.  Somebody’s going yard this inning

Tony Giacalone: Rick Wilkins 1993 is the biggest fluke catcher year ever.

Aurilia doubles to left-center, Lofton advances to 3rd.  Kent to the plate.

Eric Opperman: Wow, what a play by Anderson

Aaron Gleeman: Oh, that was almost a great catch!

Chris Dial : Nice pick up by Anderson.

Joe Dimino: I give him an error.

Bernal Diaz : Damn Erstad tried hard on that.

Dan Szymborski: Kent absolutely needs to do something here.

V.C.: Ok, now there’s no way Kent gets a hit….it would work too well if he did.

Joe Dimino: He overran it.

Chris Dial: Well, he over-dived.

Aaron Gleeman: No way that’s an error though.

Charlie Saeger: Lofton ran that one like [ship].

Kent lines out to the pitcher.  Runners on 2nd and 3rd, 1 out, Bonds at the plate.

Aaron Gleeman : Gee, i wonder if they’ll walk him…

Dan Szymborski : Take your base Barry.

Joe Dimino: They should plunk him instead.

Chris Dial: Kent has the inverse protection going.

Bernal Diaz: Barry has got to be getting pissed.

Joe Dimino: He won’t be pissed unless Benny DP’s again.

V.C.: Bernal, hopefully he’s pissed at Kent.

Santiago grounds into a double play, ending the inning.


Eric Opperman: Eckstein flashing the arm.

Bernal Diaz: Unbelievable.

Dan Szymborski: Two bases loaded double plays for Benny in a game they can’t lose.

Joe Dimino: Now Barry’s pissed.

Joe Dimino: I still say hit him 2nd.

Chris Dial: Santiago is on pace for one of the worst WS games ever.

Chris Dial : I read somewhere that a team that loads the bases during the game wins like 70% of the time.

Bottom of 4th


Anaheim 3, San Francisco 0, 1 out, Reggie Sanders at bat.

Eric Opperman: So if Percival ends up pitching the ninth with a three-run lead, two out, and nobody on with Bonds up, will he throw a belt-high fastball to try to get a free taco?

Chris Dial: That hits Vina.

Bernal Diaz: Lackey really isn’t pitching that well either.

Eric Opperman: Will Lackey throw at Sanders here, Gibson-style?

Glenn P.: Sanders has hit well lately - should he be batting 4th after Barry instead of Benito?

Top of 5th


Tim Salmon leads off the inning.

Chris Dial: Salmon, Anderson and Glaus.

Chris Dial: It looks like he’ll get through 5.  Could get the QS.

Aaron Gleeman: 3 outs is a long way away.


Salmon strikes out looking, Garret Anderson to the plate.


Aaron Gleeman: Make that 2 outs.

Eric Opperman: Wow, what a curve

Aaron Gleeman: That was a great pitch on 3-2.

Eric Opperman: Could Salmon have been any more obviously looking fastball?

Charlie Saeger: Does Reuter bat?

Anderson singles to left, Troy Glaus to the plate.

Eric Opperman: Anderson showing the diversity of his offensive game

Chris Dial: Wow Anderson just ripped Rueter there.

Charlie Saeger: I know I’d pinch hit for him.  And I’m a long hook guy.  You cannot lose this game.


Glaus grounds into a double play, ending the inning.


Eric Opperman: You got your double play, Dial

Aaron Gleeman: Well, I must say I was wrong about Rueter.

Chris Dial: The bench is really weak and so is long relief

Mike Emeigh: Angels’ guys just announced that Washburn will be pitching on his anniversary tomorrow.

Tony Giacalone: I said Reueter 6 inn. and 2 runs.

Chris Dial: Problem Tony - as Charlie points out - Rueter is due to lead off this inning.

Aaron Gleeman: I say hit Goodwin for Rueter to lead off.

Mike Emeigh: I think SF has to send up a hitter here.  As opposed to Goodwin, that is.

Bottom of 5th inning


Anaheim 3, San Francisco 0, Kirk Rueter leads off.

Chris Dial: Dusty’s pretty damned dumb.

Charlie Saeger: He’s batting ... this is silly.

Chris Dial: And I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Rueter’s OBP is higher than Goodwin’s and Dunston’s.

Aaron Gleeman: Goodwin’s OBP against righties was actually sort of decent.

Chris Dial: BTW, if Rueter is smart, that pitch hits him

Bernal Diaz: Swinging bunt.

Aaron Gleeman : youneverknow

Charlie Saeger: Talk about rolling the dice and winning.

Chris Dial: God may not play dice, but Dusty does.

Aaron Gleeman: Rueter gets down the line pretty well.

Mike Emeigh: Lofton and Aurilia both 2-.2

Bernal Diaz: Bunt?

Aaron Gleeman: He picked it up on the line!

Bernal Diaz : Nice bunt

Chris Dial : It was still on the line.

Chris Dial: Glaus knew it was still on the line

Chris Dial: Glaus simply couldn’t react any faster

Rueter on second, Lofton on first, Rich Aurilia to the plate.

Chris Dial: Aurilia is 2-2.  Kent and Nito are *killing* the Jints. 

Chris Dial: Anybody up for the Angels?

Aaron Gleeman: Now I’m getting nervous that Lackey wont outlast Rueter.

Chris Dial: I’d get someone up now.

Aurilia singles to center, Rueter scores, Lofton advances to third.

V.C.: Hhmmm, where have we seen this before….first and third no outs.

Chris Dial: I pull Lackey *right now*

V.C.: With kent at the plate.

Charlie Saeger: Let’s see if he chokes again.

Charlie Saeger: I’d let him face Kent when he chokes, then IBB Bonds, then pull him.

Chris Dial: Seriously - Kent’s going to rip him here.

Aaron Gleeman: Might as well leave him in to at least IBB Barry.

Chris Dial: Kent has the timing *and* Lackey’s losing it.

Charlie Saeger: He’s hit like a relief pitcher all Series.

Chris Dial: Lackey isn’t close to the catcher’s target.

Bernal Diaz: Kent needs to take a half-step back in the box.

Aaron Gleeman: Bad positioning by Salmon!

Aaron Gleeman: He was backing up

Chris Dial: That’s an E9

Eric Opperman: Wow, could they have misplayed the throw any worse?

Charlie Saeger: Why try to advance when Bonds will just IBB him there?

Chris Dial: Oh, Aurilia should have stayed at first so they wouldn’t walk Bonds.  Of course he should go to second.  A single scores him now.

Charlie Saeger: And Benny’s GDP won’t.

Chris Dial: And they can walk (and I think they would) Bonds anyway.

Charlie Saeger: Why does Bonds even bother to lift his bat?

Aaron Gleeman: Or put on that elbow thing.

Aurilia on 2nd, Bonds on 1st after intentional walk, 1 out, Benito Santiago singles, driving in Aurilia and advancing Bonds to second.  J.T. Snow at the plate.

Aaron Gleeman: Lackey is done.

Mike Emeigh: About time, Benito.

Charlie Saeger : Finally, Kent and Benny pull through.

Chris Dial: Kent got lucky.

Bernal Diaz: Angels OF has [shippy] arms.

Aaron Gleeman: Erstad has a decent arm and so does Salmon.

Chris Dial: If that’s all Nito has for “the sweet zone” he’s in trouble.

Bernal Diaz: They aren’t showing it.

Snow flies out to right, Reggie Sanders up.

Chris Dial: Oh, yes, I love the SF, but Salmon could have had a shot at Lofton.

Chris Dial: And make the third out trying to go to third.

Chris Dial: Lackey is throwing spinners, not sliders.

Aaron Gleeman: So there is no chance of Lackey starting the 6th.

Chris Dial: Sanders goes yard here?

V.C.: That would be nice.


Sanders strikes out.

Top of 6th

Anaheim 3, San Francisco 3, Scott Spiezio leading off.


Mike Emeigh: Spiezio, Benji, Benjie, then Lackey.

Aaron Gleeman: No way Lackey hits.

Mike Emeigh: If someone gets on, Lackey’s history, and he might be anyway.

Chris Dial: Lackey *has* to be done anyway.

Chris Dial: The only reason Scioscia didn’t pull him was *in case* someone got on this inning, he’d have to burn two pitchers.

Chris Dial: Who’s RH PH for Ana?

Mike Emeigh: Well, Scioscia didn’t use Weber, KRod, or Percy last night, so the pen should be in good shape.

Aaron Gleeman: Ochoa

Mike Emeigh: Wooten, too

Chris Dial: Weber is already loose.

Spiezio singles to center, Benji Gil at bat.

Aaron Gleeman: Why is he bunting?

Mike Emeigh: You expect him to get another hit?

Aaron Gleeman: Gil is 7-10 (!)

Chris Dial: Against Rueter?

Aaron Gleeman: No, total in the playoffs.

Mike Emeigh: That’s my point - he ain’t that good

Gil strikes out.  Molina grounds into a 3-6-1 DP, ending the inning.

Bottom of 6th

Anaheim 3, San Francisco 3, David Bell at bat.

Aaron Gleeman: Great play by Snow.

Chris Dial: Snow is a good fielder.

Chris Dial: Good thing Dusty hadn’t put in Eyre.

Mike Emeigh : He had Zerbe up.

Chris Dial: Eyre doesn’t cover first.

Mike Emeigh: One of the slowest guys off the mound ever.

Tony Giacalone: Eyre is just bad.

Mike Emeigh: Weber in.

Chris Dial: Rueter has allowed 3 singles since Glaus’ HR.

Mike Emeigh: Rueter’s out on deck.

Chris Dial: Two erased on DPs.

Mike Emeigh: FRod is throwing, though.

Aaron Gleeman:  FeRod.

Charlie Saeger: Something totally bizarro from the background—if you make a league average team which strikes out no batters whatsoever, it will allocate 34.4% of its Defensive Win Shares to the fielders.

Charlie Saeger : FeRod?  Iron Man?

Chris Dial: I think I leave Rueter in.

David Bell singles to left, thrown out at second.  Tom Goodwin in for Rueter.

Chris Dial: That’s really, really bad baserunning

Charlie Saeger  I’d try to go for it if I could, but he had no chance.

Chris Dial: See, this guy is a waste over Rueter

Aaron Gleeman: .360 OBP

Chris Dial: I leave Rueter in unless I have someone to go yard.

Chris Dial: He’s terrible.

Charlie Saeger: Anderson is a good left fielder, but he’s just a left fielder.  Remember that, Timmy.

Chris Dial: But I’ll take it.

Mike Emeigh: This makes no sense - why leave Rueter in in the 5th but pull him here?

Chris Dial: Oh, he’s a CF playing LF

Aaron Gleeman: Teah, he was a pretty decent CF

Mike Emeigh: I agree with Dial. Anderson’s a decent CF.

Chris Dial: Dusty doesn’t believe he has anyone that can go with in the 6th.


Goodwin walks, Lofton up.


Mike Emeigh: Well, he gets on. Dusty’s living right tonight.

Greg T.: I wonder if Goodwin was told to not swing until he had a strike called.

Chris Dial: FeRod in 7, Worrell in 8, Nen in 9

Aaron Gleeman: No way he goes.

Chris Dial: He should go.  This guy is slow to the plate.

Mike Emeigh: Lofton and Aurilia with 3 hits each

Aaron Gleeman: Yeah, but Molina has a gun.

Chris Dial: And Lofton is all about the single.

Bernal Diaz: Go on the next pitch.

Chris Dial: Tim will say that here.

Mike Emeigh: 43 SB, 35 CS against Molina this year.

Aaron Gleeman: Exactly!

Chris Dial: Nice gun.

Goodwin steals second base.

Aaron Gleeman: Ok, so I don’t know what I’m talking about…

Chris Dial: Goodwin is *really* fast.  He just can’t get on first.

Charlie Saeger: I’d have left him so the hole is open.

Bernal Diaz: Walk kenny set up the DP.

Chris Dial: Kenny has managed thus far.  Of course this isn’t Lackey.

Lofton flies out to center, Goodwin advances to third.  Rich Aurilia up.

Aaron Gleeman:  Steal home!  I’ve never seen that.

Glenn P.: That play was like the one that Tim McC said Bonds should have tagged on (now he’s saying it). Is anyone listening to Joe Morgan on radio? Did he say anything about either play?

Charlie Saeger: I’ve seen a no-hitter and a World Series game, but never, ever a steal of home.  Well, not a pure steal, anyways.

Aurilia lines out to third, ending the inning.

Top of 7th

Anaheim 3, San Francisco 3, Felix Rodriguez in to pitch for Rueter, Orlando Palmeiro leading off as pinch-hitter for Ben Weber.

Eric Opperman: Nice grab.

Aaron Gleeman: I wanted to listen to the radio, but it doesn’t come in in the dorm…so I just punted any game related sound.

Greg T.: I bet you guys didn’t agree with the #1 memorable moment

Mike Emeigh: Doesn’t matter now, but I’ve seen a steal of home several times on the back end of a double steal.

Aaron Gleeman: Well yeah, the other night there was a double steal of home.

Mike Emeigh : I did.

Charlie Saeger : On the *back* end?

Glenn P.: I didn’t agree, but I would have bet on Cal. Recency helped him.

Mike Emeigh: Yeah - 2B is the front end, home is the back end.

Charlie Saeger: Well, it was memorable for me, and it was on my ballot.  My number #1 was Jackie Robinson, FWIW.

Glenn P.: Thank goodness Piazza isn’t here.

Greg T.: I noticed no WS-ending memorable moments cracked the top ten, IIRC

Charlie Saeger: Well, I have always understood it the other way.  /me must be too much of a SDCN.

Mike Emeigh: Especially as FeRod comes into the game.

Mike Emeigh: (that’s addressed to Glenn’s comment)

Mike Emeigh: Palmeiro?

Charlie Saeger: /me shakes his head at Mike’s comments.

Bernal Diaz: Does Krod pitch to Bonds?

Bernal Diaz: FAN CAM

Aaron Gleeman: Did you see that guy’s hair?

Aaron Gleeman: WTF?

Charlie Saeger: The guy must have been a monk.  Doesn’t look like he has appropriate Str, Dex and Wis, however.

Bernal Diaz: Fan cam is worthless.

Chris Dial : A little quivering palm?

Charlie Saeger: Not enough babes.  I’ll give them a quivering palm after a leap of the clouds.

Charlie Saeger: But I need a few more levels.

Bottom of 7th

Anaheim 3, San Francisco 3, Jeff Kent leading off, Francisco Rodriguez pitching.


Chris Dial: Last 13 Angels have been reired (wo via DP)

Chris Dial: That’s 2 via DP.

Chris Dial: Bot 7 - Kent Bonds, Nito.

Chris Dial: Sounds like K, IBB, GDP.  IMO, pitching to Bonds the rest of the game is an error.

Aaron Gleeman: Any time, any game, but I am sort of in awe of him right now.

Chris Dial: What about the sniper?

Charlie Saeger: Can we kill it with Emmitt Smith?

Chris Dial: Does he get a taco?

Greg T.: Sure

Charlie Saeger: High protein ... check.

Chris Dial: I think this is a mistake.

Bernal Diaz: KRod is due for a breakdown.

Chris Dial: He’s going to think he can challenge Bonds

Greg T.: KRod better pitch to Bonds.

Charlie Saeger: Since Kent will choke, he should have his chance.

Chris Dial: Gee, a slider that Kent misses.

Jeff Kent strikes out.  Barry Bonds at the plate.

Greg T.: 1st-pitch groundball to 1B.

Glenn P.: Cold WATER, Tim

Bernal Diaz : Aqua fria is cold water.

Charlie Saeger : Aquafria sounds like bottled water.

Bernal Diaz : McCarver is stupid on so many different levels.

Chris Dial : I have to walk this guy

Aaron Gleeman: I’d hit him in the back

Chris Dial: Could one walk across the Cove right now?

Greg T.: Play some golf, too.  Did you see that putting green out there?

V.C.: Yeah, right next to the target.

Chris Dial: Bonds guessed wrong.

Charlie Saeger: [Ship][Firetruck]

Chris Dial: Way out in front

Bonds grounds out to first.  Santiago flies out to left.

Top of 8th

Anaheim 3, San Francisco 3, Tim Worrell in for Felix Rodriguez, Tim Salmon leads off.

Charlie Saeger: Well, think of it this way—no GDP this time.

Chris Dial: They got by Bonds - can the Giants score without Bonds?

Chris Dial: Salmon, Anderson, Glaus.

Chris Dial: Worrell better be “on”

Salmon flies out to center.

Greg T.: Holy Cow!

Aaron Gleeman: Kenny caught one!

Greg T.: Lofton can still catch.

Chris Dial: Ball almost hit him in the face.

Tony Giacalone: Not from what I saw in Chicago.

Charlie Saeger: If you grab Lofton for his defense, you were probably playing Shinjo.

Garret Anderson grounds out, Troy Glaus flies out to left.

Bottom of 8th

Anaheim 3, San Francisco 3, J.T. Snow leads off the inning.

Chris Dial: Snow, Sanders, Bell.

Chris Dial: These guys can all at least hit HRs.

Snow singles to right.

Chris Dial: Get down!  Sweet.

Greg T.: Krod going down.

Chris Dial: Chink in the armor.

Chris Dial: Oh, I ph Shinjo here and bunt.

Greg T.: No way.

Chris Dial: Or whomever is the best bunter.

Greg T.: No way.

Snow reaches second on pased ball.

Eric Opperman: Or you can do that.

Greg T.: No need to bunt.

Chris Dial: PB

Eric Opperman: Now I’d definitely bunt.

Greg T.: No way.

Chris Dial: I still bunt,

Charlie Saeger: Easily a PB.

Chris Dial: One run wins the game.

Aaron Gleeman: If Sanders can bunt, I would do it.

Greg T.: IMO, only bunt in the bottom of the 9th to win the game.

Eric Opperman: Moving the runner from second to third with the first out is about the only time I *DO* bunt.

Chris Dial: That could be a big IF

Aaron Gleeman: But I doubt he can.

Charlie Saeger: I’d never do it in 0x1x, not even with a pitcher.

Chris Dial: I might even PH with Ortiz.

Greg T.: Hit the ball!  Drive it to right.

Chris Dial: Sanders at least doesn’t try to bunt balls

Eric Opperman: You have to at least show bunt here, IMO.

Eric Opperman: Try to get the IF to cheat in.


Sanders bunt attempt pops out to first.  David Bell at the plate.


Eric Opperman: Wow, what a catch.

Eric Opperman: TERRIBLE bunt.

Aaron Gleeman: Well, I guess he can’t bunt.

Charlie Saeger: Told you not to bunt.

Greg T.: If he hasn’t bunted all year, why ask him to do it now?

Eric Opperman: I didn’t know he hadn’t bunted all year.

Chris Dial: Nice play by Spiezio, but in consolation, I was prepared to bunt him to second, so I was expecting R2, 1O.

Bell singles, Snow scores.  Ramon Martinez pinch-hitting for Tim Worrell.

Greg T.: There it is!

Chris Dial: Woohoo!!!!

Greg T.: Krod!

Greg T.: He’s washed-up now.

Eric Opperman: I’d like his washed-up arm in St. Louis.

Bernal Diaz: Snow was ready to drill Molina.

Greg T.: That would have been nice to see.

Aaron Gleeman: I love collisions at home.

Greg T.: Krod is wild.

Chris Dial: Well, no one blocked the plate as well as Scioscia.

Charlie Saeger: So does Ray Fosse, Aaron.

Greg T.: Why was Pete Rose allowed to be on the field for this game but now for the Reds’ last game in Riverfront?

Charlie Saeger: Bud is a [firetruck]head, pure and simple.

Chris Dial: The Angels have Spiezio, Gil and Molina up in the 9th.

Aaron Gleeman: PH Kennedy for Molina

Chris Dial: Did they sub Kennedy in yet?

Chris Dial: No, ph Kennedy for Gil.

Chris Dial: PH Fullmer.

Greg T.: If Lofton bats this inning, Bonds will be up in 9th if Nen can’t close it.

Aaron Gleeman : Yeah, Spiezio, Kennedy, Fullmer.

Greg T.: Fullmer will steal 1B.


Martinez strikes out, David Bell thrown out at second, ending the inning.


Aaron Gleeman: There’s that gun I was talking about!

Greg T.: Now Bonds is 4th up in 9th.

Bernal Diaz: Good way to kill a rally.

Charlie Saeger: Damn the hit-and-run.

Greg T.: Baker’s making some poor decisions here, IMO.

Chris Dial: Not good inning for the Angels though.

Charlie Saeger: That was clearly a hit-and-run steal attempt.  Only the hit-and-run and Cecil Fielder make steal attempts so awful.

Top of 9th

Robb Nen in for Tim Worrell, Scott Spiezio leads off.

Tony Giacalone: I think that FeRod is a better nickname than ‘LixRod.

Chris Dial: Doesn’t Nen walk a lot of guys?

Greg T.: Schmidt pitching tomorrow.

Chris Dial : Heard that somewhere

Spiezio fouls out, Kennedy singles to right, Brad Fullmer up.

Eric Opperman: Kennedy strikes again.

Eric Opperman: Brad Fullmer…is he supposed to be a good baserunner or something?

Greg T.: Angels yet to take a pitch.

Chris Dial: Supposed to be faster than expected.

Chris Dial: Like Klesko.

Eric Opperman: He wasn’t quite sitting on the splitter there

Chris Dial: Dear Robb, please throw a slider in the dirt.  Love, Chris

Glenn P.: Wouldn’t it make sense for Dusty to put Shinjo in RF in the 9th when he’s ahead like tonight?

Fullmer grounds into a double play, ending the game.

Greg T.: There it is!

Bernal Diaz: Game over.

Chris Dial: Nice check swing Brad.

Greg T.: They didn’t take one single pitch.

Greg T.: 1st win in SF in how many years?

Chris Dial: 40.

Dan Szymborski Posted: October 24, 2002 at 06:00 AM | 3 comment(s) Login to Bookmark
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   1. User unknown in local recipient table (Craig B) Posted: October 24, 2002 at 12:58 AM (#606917)
"Brickyard" Kennedy is a fantastic name. Wish we had more nicknames like that now.
   2. Marc Posted: October 26, 2002 at 12:59 AM (#606947)
Re. greatest moments, it does make you sick for the sorry state of knowledge re. one of baseball's greatest strengths, its history. I know it was fans who voted, but it was MLB and the media who orchestrated the whole thing. What the hell would be wrong with orchestrating it in a way that might educate somebody about great moments. Instead MLB sits idly by while its greatest all-time moment turns out to have nothing to do with somebody winning a game or a championship. What the hell is MLB about if not winning games, winning championships? Well, I guess in the new millenium it is about individual players setting individual records, I guess that must sell more ad time at a higher rate or something. But even if that were the case, which it's not, McGwire's record or Aaron's or even Rose's or some other record that is really meaningful would be more satisfying than the one selected. The all-century team was embarrassing enough but this is really an all-time low in the level of intelligence shown in a pseudo-historical promotion. Give it up, MLB. It has now official been milked.
   3. Marc Posted: October 28, 2002 at 12:59 AM (#606959)
I guess that's the point. It was not fan-friendly. It was insulting to fans by dumbing down the history of the game, even recent history of the game.

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