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Monday, October 28, 2002

World Series Game 7 - Primer Chat

So long, Dusty.


Bernal Diaz: What are the lineups for tonight?

Dan Szymborski: Dunno, but I bet Bonds is playing.  I hope the Angels lose just so the Rally Monkey doesn’t benefit and I also root against the team that goes on and on about their performance being destiny.

Dan Szymborski: Whoever made this promo should be tested for LSD.  I’m almost relieved to see a Boston Public commercial.

Bernal Diaz: I have Billy Preston.

Glenn P.: Haven’t heard about Girl’s Club lately

Bernal Diaz: Billy Preston doing the National Anthem.

Chris Dial: Melissa Etheridge.

Dan Szymborski: At least she started low enough. It seems like 3/4 of the singers do

the first note too high and can’t hit the top notes.

Bernal Diaz: I wanna know why the sailor color gaurd is wearing whites.

Chris Reed: i think we need a

Chris Dial: They are the home team, BD?  Seperate the Whitney Houstons from the Macey Grays.

Bernal Diaz: Oct 1-May 1 dress blues.  Nice F-18s.

Glenn P.: Anyone every see the Blue Angels perform close up? It’s excellent.

Chris Dial: Well, I was several thousand feet below them.

Dan Szymborski: Giants 6-2

Chris Dial: Giants 4-3

D.G.: Giants 6-1

Chris Reed: Giants 6-5

Bernal Diaz: Giants 1-0

Dan Szymborski: Nobody going to predict the Angels?

D.G.: Do you think Bonds would rather hit 2 homers or throw out a runner at

home to exercise Bream’s ghost?

Chris Reed: Bonds is walked late in the game which some point to as what gave the

Giants the game (as in, next batters knocked someone in).

Dan Szymborski: Bonds should be the MVP either way.

Chris Dial: Yes, he should.

V.C.: I think Lackey’s going to be the weak link here. 6 games so

far…two blowouts (1 each) four one run games (2 each). I think this will be a

blowout (defined as five runs or better differential) with the Angels losing.  My big assumption here is that Livan will pitch well.  I could be VERY wrong about that.

Top of 1st

San Francisco 0, Anaheim 0, 1 out, nobody on, Rich Aurilia at the plate.

D.G.: At least Aurilia is making them come below his chin this time.

Chris Dial: Feliz DH tonight.

Aaron Gleeman: Have they said if Ortiz is available to pitch at all?

Chris Dial: Gee, sliders getting out Aurilia and Kent…

Dan Szymborski: Kent’s swung at every slider thrown him this Series.

Greg T. has entered the room.

Chris Dial: Oh, he went.

Dan Szymborski: Not even close.

Chris Dial: Tough zone so far.

Bottom of 1st

San Francisco 0, Anaheim 0, David Eckstein leads off.

Paul Mazurkiewicz: Kent != clutch.

Dan Szymborski: So, Bonds IBB to lead off next inning.

Dan Szymborski: Bonds shouldn’t even bother to put on his pad.

Chris Dial: He should take a table leg to the plate.

Aaron Gleeman: Bud Black should have his own TV show.

Bernal Diaz: Bud Black should be managing in Cleveland next year.

Greg T.: He should be announcing this game.

D.G.: I hope the Angels don’t blow them out.

Eckstein walks, Erstad sac bunt, Eckstein advances to second.

Dick Sidbury: Bad move for the Angels.

Greg T.: So how many innings should Livan throw?

Bernal Diaz: That was a hard pitch to bunt.

Dick Sidbury: Livan should pitch as long as he’s effective.  He seems to be pressing too hard now.  Maybe he needs to ease off.

Bernal Diaz: Benny needs to go calm him down.

Paul Mazurkiewicz: I don’t think the Angels should have been bunting there.

Greg T.: Or,with a short leash, he could be feeling a bit more pressure.

Dan Szymborski: I think you’re just seeing the struggles of a frequently mediocre


Greg T.: I’m still disappointed Livan is the best they have for Game 7.

Paul Mazurkiewicz: He’s a Tim McCarver Certified Winner (TM). That’s all they


Salmon walks, Garret Anderson up.

Aaron Gleeman: Get on the phone, Dusty.

Paul Mazurkiewicz: The bunt is really starting to look bad now.

Chris Dial: Erstad made a mistake.

Dick Sidbury: What’s the pitch count now? About 15?

Bernal Diaz: This is the 1st road appearance of Livan’s career.  So says FOX, that is.

Paul Mazurkiewicz: What happens when Proven Winner faces the RBI Machine?

Greg T.: But how long can Rueter go?  And do you want him pitching in this park?

Chris Dial: Rueter has a 7 innings in him.

Dick Sidbury: The Giants have a good pen so having to go to a non-starter in

the 5th or 6th would be acceptable.

Anderson lines into a double play to centerfield, ending the inning.


Dan Szymborski: Lofton caught something!

Bernal Diaz: What was Eckstein doing?

D.G.: Scrappy….wait a minute, stupid.

Greg T.: What was babyface thinking?

Paul Mazurkiewicz: Aggressive baserunning kills the Angels.

Glenn P.: Aggressive baserunning backfired.

Chris Dial: Anderson is good defensively.

D.G.: Gave ‘em 2 outs, one bunt and one on the bases.

D.G.: Livan has a no-no through 1.

Dan Szymborski: I’m still shocked that Lofton caught something.

Aaron Gleeman: I think Erstad is an great CF.

Chris Dial: He’s caught a ton this series.

Bernal Diaz: Walking Bonds is going to haunt the Angels.

Dick Sidbury: The ball was hit harder than Eck thought.

Chris Dial: Dollars to donuts they walk him.

Bernal Diaz: They should pitch to him here.

Chris Dial: Eck went with the pitch.

Greg T.: I would at least try to sneak a strike past him.

Dan Szymborski: I still don’t like the lineup order. You essentially put the fate of

the season in Benito’s hands.

Chris Dial: Top 2, Bonds, Santiago, Snow

Top of 2nd

San Francisco 0, Anaheim 0, Barry Bonds leads off and lines out on the second pitch.  Benito Santiago up.

Aaron Gleeman: Wow!

Dan Szymborski: I’m surprised they pitched to him.

Paul Mazurkiewicz: As is everyone, Dan.

Dick Sidbury: Maybe Bonds should consider hitting to left.

Greg T.: Bonds now batting under .500.  What a choker.

V.C.: Oh, THAT’s going to help his cause…screaming at the umpire

Santiago singles to center, Snow up.

Bernal Diaz: Unreadable grounder.

Greg T.: So if Bonds was on, that would have been a DP since Eck would have been

closer to 2nd base.

Paul Mazurkiewicz: Just enough—-to not get it.

Aaron Gleeman: Yep, that was a vintage Jeter “shot in the stomach and diving for

the ball” move.

V.C.: Hey, Derek is a Gold Glove shortstop, just ask any New York


Glenn P.: The best hope for keeping the Yankees from winning more rings -

letting them delude themselves about the defense of Bernie, Derek, etc.

Chris Dial: Did I miss something - were Jeter and Bernie not playing defense from


Paul Mazurkiewicz: I’m seriously hoping the Yanks realize those things soon….

Aaron Gleeman: Well, Jeter has stayed about the same, but Bernie has gotten


Paul Mazurkiewicz: Bernie WAS playing defense….

Glenn P.: If anyone was on, Eck would have been closer to 2nd. If Bonds was,

would he have been too far to the right?

Chris Dial: Or he had a bad season.

Paul Mazurkiewicz: It’s been a decline before now…but he seems to have fallen

off the cliff now.

Aaron Gleeman: I would leave Derek at SS and I would probably move Bernie.

Greg T.: How many rookie pitchers have started game 7?

Snow singles to right, Benito advances to third.

Dick Sidbury: 8.

Aaron Gleeman: Snow is having himself a pretty good post-season.

Aaron Gleeman: Didn’t Livan start game 7?

Glenn P.: Wow, JT hit in all 7.

Dan Szymborski: GIDP coming up

Bernal Diaz: What is Sanders doing with his front foot?

Dick Sidbury: High cheese K.

Chris Dial: Here’s the K.

Sanders hits a sac fly to left, Santiago scores.  David Bell up.

Paul Mazurkiewicz: Sanders!= Clutch

Dick Sidbury: Goodwin is being saved to replace Sanders (according to McCarver

so it must be true).

Dan Szymborski: Throughout the Series, the Angels have almost always had a decent

hitter on the bench. The Giants haven’t and I wouldn’t be surprised to have it

bite them tonight.

Aaron Gleeman: 1-0.

Greg T.: SF!

Paul Mazurkiewicz: I don’t know how it important that’ll be.

Bernal Diaz: 1-0 Giants.

D.G.: Good enough.

Paul Mazurkiewicz: Productive out.

Dan Szymborski: There’s no tomorrow, so the teams are going to exploit every bullpen

matchup possible. The Giants have little to counteract it.

David Brazeal: Sanders is my Series MVP now.

Greg T.: Shinjo!

Aaron Gleeman: Two words: Yorvit Torrealba

Chris Reed: Last year in Fresno for Minor: 0.308 BA 0.380 OBP .554 SLG

Dick Sidbury: Why isn’t shinjo playing left?

Aaron Gleeman: Wow, how was fresno’s PF?

Eric Opperman: He was about all Fresno had.

Chris Reed: 2000: 0.290 BA, .394 OBP, 0.537, SLG

Greg T.: But when he slumped this summer, Snow won his job back.

Greg T.: Minor never had a chance again.

Greg T.: At least a consistent chance.

Dan Szymborski: Snow didn’t really “win” the job back.

Greg T.: But look at Snow now!

Aaron Gleeman: So Minor would probably be good for at least .270/.350/.450,


Bottom of 2nd

San Francisco 1, Anaheim 0, Brad Fullmer leads off.

D.G.: So, has Selig called a 8:00 am presser for tomorrow to say something


Glenn P.: My wife talked to a lady friend who just saw her first game on TV

this postseason. She asked,“what are all those people in the stands doing with

those penises?”

Aaron Gleeman: Speaking of Selig, did anyone see the ad he placed in the local

Minnesota papers?

S.L.: I think Selig will be joining the booth for the sixth inning to

explain how horrible baseball is.

Paul Mazurkiewicz: Is it a coincidence that Selig talk popped up the same time

as someone mentioning penises?

Dan Szymborski: Fresno was 103 this year and as high as 123 (2000)

D.G.: You think the voters will give the MVP to Glaus is the angels win?

Paul Mazurkiewicz: Glaus = MVP

Greg T.: What if Francisco wins it tonight?

Aaron Gleeman: If he does well tonight he might end up slugging 1.000+ and

hitting .400+.

Dick Sidbury: Livan looks much better this inning.

Paul Mazurkiewicz: Glaus all the way if the Angels win, Bonds all the way if the

Giants win.

Glenn P.: Tonight’s hero, if any, will be a strong candidate for MVP.

Dick Sidbury: I still think Lofton has a shot.

Chris Reed: Finally got the MLE’s!

Chris Reed: Damon Minor 2001: 0.251 BA, 0.344 OBP, 0.431 SLG

Chris Reed: Actually that was 2000.

Eric Opperman: Still better than several other options from their bench right now.

Greg T.: Perhaps Minor didn’t fit in with the father/son dugout party.

Chris Reed: 2001: .267 BA, .331 OBP, .446 SLG

Fullmer flies out to left, Spiezio walks, Bengie Molina up.


Dick Sidbury: Is Angel Hernandez the worst ump in MLB?

Glenn P.: Griffey said he uses black bats to help him get that call on a check


Bengie doubles to center, Spiezio scores, Kennedy up.

Aaron Gleeman: Bengie!

Eric Opperman: Not that it mattered, but Bonds misplayed that.

David Brazeal: Bonds looks awful out there.

Greg T.: Shinjo definitely in LF or CF

Greg T.: Instead of one of those guys out there now.

Top of 3rd

San Francisco 1, Anaheim 1, Feliz leading off.

Dick Sidbury: Well, Livan looked better to me in the second despite giving up a


Chris Dial: Top 3 Feliz (Navidad), Lofton, Aurilia.

Glenn P.: Do we have a word from Baker on why he picked Feliz tonight?

Greg T.: McCarver must be taking a restroom break.

Aaron Gleeman: I hope he falls in.

Glenn P.: Maybe they locked him in there.

Greg T.: The first inning last night was awesome without McCarver.

Chris Dial: Molina gets a cup check.

Bottom of 3rd

San Francisco 1, Anaheim 1, Eckstein leads off.


Chris Dial: Bottom 3 Eckstein, Erstad, Salmon

Aaron Gleeman: Sounds like run(s).


Eckstein singles to left.  Erstad up.


Aaron Gleeman: If he bunts with Eckstein on in the first, he would do it again

now, right?

Greg T.: Never mind his HR last night.  Can’t let him do it again.

Bernal Diaz: Why does he barehand it all the time like that?

Greg T.: What the hell is wrong with Bonds?

Eric Opperman: Has Bonds forgotten that he has a glove?

Glenn P.: Barry, for the last time, the glove is on your RIGHT hand.

Dick Sidbury: Bunt?

Dick Sidbury: I say no.

Aaron Gleeman: If they bunt in this spot in the first, why not here?

Greg T.: Can’t Eck steal 2nd?

Erstad singles to left, Eckstein to second, Salmon up.

V.C.: Because then they thought Livan might pitch well, now they know better.

Eric Opperman: Hey, Bonds used that leather thing.

Greg T.: Right-o, Barry.

Dick Sidbury: I don’t think Bonds can dive anymore.

Chris Dial: So Bonds should dive and pull an Eric Davis?

Glenn P.: Mark McLemore ended his season on a dive this year in LF. Hurt his

bad elbow..

Salmon hit with pitch, loading the bases.  Garret Anderson up.

Dick Sidbury: OK, that sets up the force at any base.

Chris Dial: I lift Livan now.

Aaron Gleeman: Ow! thats gotta be a broken finger.

Dick Sidbury: But I agree, Livan is finished.

Glenn P.: This will be interesting if he is unable to play.

Mike Emeigh: 46 pitches in 2+.

Bernal Diaz: Redskins 10-0.

Dick Sidbury: Go Skins!

Chris Dial: Up your’s, Dick.

Dick Sidbury: You a fan of the Colts, Chris?

Chris Dial: Yep.

Chris Dial: Well, Manning.

Aaron Gleeman: I don’t think I have ever met someone that is a Manning “fan.”

Chris Dial: Really?

Dick Sidbury: I like Manning and dislike Spurrier but have been a Skins fan

too long to change.

Chris Dial: Never been to Tennessee?

Aaron Gleeman: Yeah, some people like him I guess, but I have never met anyone

that feels real strongly about him.

Anderson doubles to right, Eckstein, Salmon and Erstad score.  Glaus at the plate.

Chris Dial: That’s bad managing.  Those runs are on Dusty in my book.

Greg T.: Livan should have never started this stinkin’ game.

Chris Dial: No, he shouldn’t have.

Dan Szymborski: Dusty won’t take Livan out until he’s thrown his required 130 pitches.

Mike Emeigh: He should have set the rotation to use Rueter twice.

Aaron Gleeman: No one is even warming up?

Dick Sidbury: Maybe they’ll pitch to Bonds in the fourth.

Dick Sidbury: Those fans should be ejected.

Bernal Diaz: Was that fan hitting Sanders with the thunderstix?

Dan Szymborski: The way Livan’s pitching, I don’t know if I want to put another

runner on base even to set up a double play.

Glenn P.: If the Giants lose, is Dusty history in SF?

Mike Emeigh: I think Dusty’s gone whether they win OR lose.

Dan Szymborski: Me too, Dusty’s out

Glaus intentionally walked, Zerbe in for Livan, Fullmer up.

Dick Sidbury: Where does Dusty go?

Mike Emeigh: Seattle.

Glenn P.: Cubs.

Bernal Diaz: Dusty is gone, the Cubs are gonna throw a boatload of money at him.

Mike Emeigh: Zerbe’s the right choice here, I think.

Greg T.: If the Angels can do it last night, the Giants can easily do it tonight.

Mike Emeigh: I think that the Giants will make a run at ‘em.

Dick Sidbury: I don’t know about easily but the Giants can do it.

Greg T.: I want these fans to eat their damn thundersticks.

Mike Emeigh: But it’ll be tough if Lackey can get through the fifth.

Bernal Diaz: Up 4-1, I think Scoscia’s hook just got a whole lot quicker.

Mike Emeigh: Yeah, but who’s Mike go to? Weber’s been awful, KRod went 2 2/3 last


Glenn P.: I want to know if the kid who hit Sanders got tossed.

Mike Emeigh: Schoeneweis? Washburn?

Bernal Diaz: Washburn for 2.

Mike Emeigh: Washburn hasn’t been much this series, either.

Fullmer grounds into fielder’s choice, Anderson to third, Spiezio up.

Mike Emeigh: The 10-man staff (with a guy he won’t use) might come back to hurt

Scioscia here.

Eric Opperman: Haha…Brad Fullmer, the fast runner

Joe Dimino: What’d the kid do, I missed it.

Mike Emeigh: Hit Sanders with a thunderstick.

Eric Opperman: When did they show the kid getting thrown out, I didn’t notice that

Top of 4th

Anaheim 4, San Francisco 1, Kent lead off.

Chris Dial: Nice job by Zerbe.

Greg T.: Zerbe the Geek!

Joe Dimino: Zerbe’s had some nice moments in this Series.

Mike Emeigh: Keeping it a 4-1 is BEEEG!

Mike Emeigh: Zerbe’s going to have to have a few more nice moments tonight.

Aaron Gleeman: FREE CHAD ZERBE!

Robert Dudek: Is Rueter going to pitch in this game?

Greg T.: Not if Zerbe can help it.

Greg T.: Why not bat Snow behind Bonds?

Chris Dial: But is it ever a good idea? LHB/LHB

Greg T.: Santiago can’t hit either right now.

Greg T.: How about Feliz then?

Kent strikes out, Bonds up.

Mike Emeigh: Way to go Kent!

Dick Sidbury: Bonds will go 0-3 and be blamed for the Giant loss.

Dan Szymborski: Kent is the LVP.

Robert Dudek: Livan is the LVP.

Bonds reaches on an infield single, Santiago up.

Chris Dial: Bonds hustled.

Bernal Diaz: Nice play by Glaus.

Eric Opperman: Bonds the nice infield single. :)

Greg T.: Bonds should at least once bunt it down the 3B line.

D.G.: Bonds still runs pretty well.  What is he…about 8 SB from 500/500?

Santiago singles to center, Bonds to second, J.T. Snow up.

Chris Dial: Nito is 2-2

Chris Dial: Three run job here….

Greg T.: Crank one, Snow.

Bernal Diaz: Scioscia should pull him.

D.G.: Come on…miss with a few sliders then groove one.

Robert Dudek: Too early to pull Lackey.

Snow flies out to center, Reggie Sanders at the plate.

Mike Emeigh: Oh well - now it’s up to Reggie.

Dick Sidbury: He should throw cheese here.

Robert Dudek: Lackey seems to be throwing the ball well.

Dick Sidbury: Has reggie EVER hit a high fast ball?

Mike Emeigh: Why is Jerry Crawford the crew chief here? He’s probably the worst of

the six umps out there.

D.G.: No one is worse than Angel.

Mike Emeigh: The best ump out there is Reilly, then Tschida.

D.G.: The catcher is really lazy on his scoops…..backhands a lot.

Chris Dial: The Colts defense is terrible

Joe Dimino: They are getting killed.  203-12.

Eric Opperman: Thanks for that news flash, Chris.

Chris Dial: Of course, that’s because Manning can’t beat Spurrier.

D.G.: Can’t spell Citrus without UT.

Joe Dimino: I’ve been flipping over, and the Skins have converted every 3rd


Mike Emeigh: The Pirates have apparently signed Brian Bullington, the #1 overall

draft pick - will be announced after the WS.

Aaron Gleeman: Chris thinks because I don’t believe Manning is the greatest QB

of all-time that I am overlooking “facts”

Chris Dial: Actually, no, Aaron.

Bottom of 4th

Anaheim 4, San Francisco 1, Rueter relieves Zerbe, Kennedy leads off.

Bernal Diaz: Lackey is done, he was holding his arm weird after that popup.

Dan Szymborski: If I had to one won game, Peyton’s one of my 2 QB choices of active


Dick Sidbury: Well, Dan wait a year and I might choose Vick.

Dan Szymborski: When push comes to shove, I want Manning or Favre.

Joe Dimino: Any chance at a miracle comeback chris, 20-0, outgained 250-12, I

don’t think I’ve ever seen such a drubbing.

Aaron Gleeman: I would take Favre over Manning in a heartbeat.

Chris Dial: You aren’t anywhere near Wisconsin are you, AG?

Dick Sidbury: Favre over Manning but maybe McNabb over Favre.

Dan Szymborski: Manning is even better at thinking on his feet.

Aaron Gleeman: I am in Wisconsin’s biggest rival state.

D.G.: I think Manning is too smart for his own receivers.

Bernal Diaz: Give him a year and an offensive line take Tim Couch.

Mike Emeigh: Rueter’s coming in.

Chris Dial: Favre is awesome.

Dan Szymborski: Like that improvised fake spike last year.

D.G.: Lots of balls going to the wrong place and lots of INTs because of it.

Eric Opperman: That was one of the best plays I’ve ever seen, Dan.

Aaron Gleeman: Well, Dusty was only about 3 innings too late.

D.G.: Was Zerbe out of gas already?

Joe Dimino: How could anyone possibly think Livan is better than Reuter?

Mike Emeigh: He might be a bit too early here. I’d have given Zerbe another inning.

Greg T.: Blister.

Robert Dudek: How many innings can Rueter give them -3?

Greg T.: Let’s go, Woody!

Chris Dial: Oooh,

D.G.: Lackey looks like the guy from Dean Man on Campus…

Dick Sidbury: Rueter looks more like Prince Charles.

Dan Szymborski: Reuter can pick up the police band.

Chris Dial: Sting and Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers?

Kennedy strikes out, Eckstein up to the plate.

Aaron Gleeman: WOW, Rueter Ks the first batter he faces!

Glenn P.: If there is ever a night for a pitcher to give it his last ounce of

energy to pitch a little longer - this is it. And there are lots of guys in the


Top of 5th

Anaheim 4, San Francisco 1, David Bell leading off lines out to center, Feliz up.

Chris Dial: Top 5 - Bell, Feliz, Lofton.

Dick Sidbury: Nice catch.

Greg T.: Anti-Lofton.

Bernal Diaz: Web Gem.

Joe Dimino: Erstad has shown incredible range in this series.

Joe Dimino: Andruw who?

Aaron Gleeman: He better win a GG this year.

Greg T.: Still not worth his new contract.

Aaron Gleeman: Not if he hits like he did this year he isn’t.

Mike Emeigh: Lackey’s up to 73 pitches.

Robert Dudek: Could be his last inning - I think they’ll bring in Schoeneweis to

pitch to Bonds..

Chris Dial: He should be done.

Mike Emeigh: I agree w/ Robert - I don’t think he makes it to Barry’s next PA.

D.G.: This guy has a long swing.

Mike Emeigh: Dunston made the top 10 list of the oldest players to hit a HR in the

WS last night - who is the oldest player to hit a WS HR?

Bernal Diaz: Eddie Murray?

Mike Emeigh: Murray is #7

Bernal Diaz: Winfield?

Mike Emeigh: Nope. Not in the top 10.

Greg T.: What decade?

Bernal Diaz: Molitor?

Mike Emeigh: 1950s

Dan Szymborski: Slaughter?

Dick Sidbury: Robinson?

Chris Dial: Mize?

Mike Emeigh: Ding!Ding!Ding! Dan’s a winner!

Chris Dial: Enos?

Chris Dial: Country?

Mike Emeigh: Enos Slaughter, 10/6/1956 - 40 years, 162 days old.

Mike Emeigh: Joe Morgan has both #2 and #3 - 10/11/1983 and 10/14/1982

Mike Emeigh: 1983

Mike Emeigh: Mize is #4, #5, and #6, on three straight days in 1952

Mike Emeigh: Then Eddie in 1995, Stargell twice in 1979, and Shawon.

Top of 6th

Anaheim 4, San Francisco 1, Donnelly in for Lackey, 2 outs, runners on 2nd and 3rd, Tom Goodwin hitting for Reggie Sanders.

Bernal Diaz: Santiago should have gone home.

Glenn P.: Should they have sent him?

Greg T.: Goodwin!?

Dick Sidbury: I’d have sent him

Greg T.: 2 outs, down by three, 6th inning…and you’re going with Goodwin!?

Robert Dudek: Hah… Goodwin batting for Sanders. There’s a percentage move (a

la Mr. Burns).

Dick Sidbury: Was goodwin the guy that couldn’t get around on a fast ball last


Bernal Diaz: Wasn’t Goodwin released in favor of Dave Roberts?

Goodwin strikes out, ending the inning.

Chris Dial: I can’t believe this guy thinks he a major leaguer.

Bernal Diaz: Hey if Shawon can homer Goodwin can at least get a hit.

Robert Dudek: Yes…. Baker outmanages himself.

Dan Szymborski: They should fire Dusty before the end of the game.  Magowan should go out there between innings and say “Dusty, you’re fired. Rags is the manager.”

Aaron Gleeman: Sanders could’ve done that!

David Brazeal: Seems to me it makes _more_ sense to send the runner in that

situation, with 2 outs.

Greg T.: I don’t think it’s about the situation…it’s whether or not you think

he can make it/

Aaron Gleeman: A runner should have scored on that double…unfortunately for

SF, the guy was Santiago and not a runner.

Mike Emeigh: Dusty really doesn’t have much choice - he can’t afford to run for

Benito when Torrealba is the backup C.

Robert Dudek: I think that if there’s a 10%+ plus chance he’ll get thrown out

you don’t send him. Many potential big innings have been snuffed out by a

baserunning error - that’s what the Giants need right now..

D.G.: Well, Goodwin stays in so we have the chance to see his angelic stroke again.

Mike Emeigh: Of course, that begs the question of why Santiago is hitting fifth in

the first frickin’ place.

David Brazeal: I think with 2 outs it makes sense to send him if you think he has a

90% chance of making it.

Greg T.: You can’t worry about Santiago getting injured.

Bottom of 6th

Anaheim 4, San Francisco 1, Spiezio leads off.

Chris Dial: Bottom 6 Spiezio, Molina, Kennedy

D.G.: I wish they would show the split screen to show where Benito was when

the ball came back in.

Robert Dudek: I don’t agree - reward is 4-2 risk is inning over. Not really

worth it.

David Brazeal: That’s been one of my big complaints about Fox… they haven’t used

the split screen on plays like this.

Mike Emeigh: I agree w/ Robert. Not with 2 out.

David Brazeal: Maybe with Sanders coming up, but if you’re gonna ph with Goodwin,

4-2 is a lot more likely than a big inning.

Aaron Gleeman: If you are gonna PH Goodwin for Sanders, why start Sanders?

Mike Emeigh: At this point, Goodwin might be a better option against RHP than


David Brazeal: i don’t think so. Goodwin’s horrible, and Sanders at least has some


Mike Emeigh: Sanders had trouble with Lackey’s stuff, and Lackey’s not exactly Curt

Schilling out there.

David Brazeal: Goodwin has trouble with _everyone’s_ stuff, though.

Greg T.: And I wonder what Minor is doing

Robert Dudek: I didn’t know Baker would pinch hit with Goodwin. Still - you’re on the road. 4-2 doesn’t help you much. At this point you need a big inning.

Chris Dial: A lot of that Mike, is release point and seeing the spin.

Spiezio flies out to right.  Molina doubles, Kennedy advancing him to third on a groundout.  Eckstein lines out to second to end the inning.

Aaron Gleeman: Kent!

Eric Opperman: Nice stab.

Greg T.: Woody went wild

Dan Szymborski: Jeter would’ve dove from short to catch that with his eyes closed.

Mike Emeigh: Reggie hit .237 with a .313 OBP against RHP this year (.430 SLG),

Goodwin .289 with a .356 OBP against RHP (.378 SLG). You need baserunners.

Chris Dial: This year Mike, and Goodwin was just 135 Abs.

Mike Emeigh: I know. That’s why I said *at this point*.

Chris Dial: I’d have stuck with Sanders there.

Mike Emeigh: Two years ago isn’t particularly relevant.

Chris Dial: If leading off the inning, I might switch to Goodwin.

D.G.: Seems like Donnelly does not change speeds as well, so maybe Sanders

would have fared batter.

Mike Emeigh: Or maybe not. Lackey blew fastballs by him.

Chris Dial: Lackey was shaking off the fastball.

D.G.: Blew fastballs by him after fooling him with slow stuff.

Chris Dial: By the end of the AB.

Mike Emeigh: PH’g Goodwin was defensible under the circumstances. The real problem

is that Minor wasn’t on the roster.

Chris Dial: Oh, it is defensible, but not a particularly good move either.

Top of 7th

Anaheim 4, San Francisco 1, David Bell leads off.

Mike Emeigh: Bell, Feliz, Lofton due up.

ck Sidbury: Well, Anaheim was in a worse position last night at this time so

there’s still hope.

Chris Dial: Feliz, what a terrible choice.

Robert Dudek: I’m for the Angels - call me a contrarian.

Dan Szymborski: Feliz is worthless.

Bell flies out to deep left.  Feliz strikes out.  Lofton flies out to deep center.

Bottom of 7th

Anaheim 4, San Francisco 1, Erstad leads off.

Robert Dudek: Flyball after flyball - what were they trying to do - hit a 3-run

bases empty homerun?

Greg T.: You forgot about the strikeout.

Chris Dial: Action bet: The Giants get at least one in the 8th/

Dan Szymborski: At least in this Game 7, there’s no chance the Yankees will win.

Mike Emeigh: Donnelly is a FB pitcher.

Top of 8th

Anaheim 4, San Francisco 1, Aurilia leads off, Francisco Rodriguez replaces Donnelly.


Mike Emeigh: Wonder if they risk KRod in the 8th here?

Greg T.: Could Fox favor the Angels any more?

Bernal Diaz: If the giants lose, I will be very very interested in Barry’s

press conference

Dick Sidbury: They’re bandwagoners, they just favor the likely winner.

Dan Szymborski: “Since you’ve already turned in your MVP ballots, I’d like to take

this opportunity to say [firetruck] you to each one of you pastrami scarfing [asp-holes]

who would wet their pants facing a Tim Wakefield fastball.”

Greg T.: With the media already saying Bonds is a jerk, he might as well act like one.

Bernal Diaz: Barry would retire if Bud fined him.

Dick Sidbury: Although Bud should fine himself 50K.

V.C.: The inherent hypocrisy of media coverage is probably at its most apparent when covering Bonds.

Chris Dial: Read Phil Rogers’ column.

Chris Dial: I posted it as a clutch hit.

Mike Emeigh: They ARE using KRod!

V.C.: But that’s Dunston. He’s a real person, the next-door neighbor

everyone should have. If only more of him had rubbed off on Bonds.

D.G.: Oh boy…..we get to see Aurilia and Kent flail at sliders.

Mike Emeigh: I don’t think he’s going to be very sharp. Percy might need to be

ready quickly.

Mike Emeigh: Ochoa in RF, too.


Aurilia strikes out, Kent up.


Robert Dudek: Aurilia gone fishing.

Chris Dial: Rich and Kent can’t see this guy’s slider at all.

Dan Szymborski: You do have to give credit to Scioscia for having such confidence in

KRod. Who else would put a guy with less than a dozen innings in the majors in so many crucial situations?

D.G.: Man, if i am Kent I jump at the first straight one I see.

Chris Dial: Kent does.

Greg T.: 0-2..just great.

Chris Dial: Problem: he can’t tell which ones are straight.

Glenn P.: Jump in front of it, Jeff.

Mike Emeigh: I’d pitch to Barry.

Dan Szymborski: I’d pitch to Barry right now, too.

Eric Opperman: Last chance to see Barry this year.

Kent strikes out, Bonds up.

Robert Dudek: Kent flails away helplessly…

Mike Emeigh: The worst he can do is make it 4-2.

Dan Szymborski: Even if Bonds homers, you’re done with him for the night.

Robert Dudek: And now even a Bonds homer would do little damage.

Dick Sidbury: He needs a hit to get back to .500.

Chris Dial: But KRod has that bomb in his head.

Dick Sidbury: uibb

Eric Opperman: Wow, that one looked like it was over the corner.

V.C.: Barry knew that wasn’t a walk…when he knows it is a walk, he takes

off his pad.

Dan Szymborski: Barry knows the pitch better than the ump, I’m sure.


Bonds walks, Santiago up.


Greg T.: Oh yeah…Santiago coming up!

Chris Dial: Sadly, yes, he does.

Dan Szymborski: Barry should be allowed to overrule the ump.

Greg T.: Just get Snow up.

Robert Dudek: Might think about bringing Percival in now.

Glenn P.: A .700 OBP if that’s it for BB.

Greg T.: What’s his OPS?

Dan Szymborski: 6.022x10^23

Eric Opperman: When was K-Rod born?

Mike Emeigh: Bonds: .471/.700/1.294 - his OPS has dropped below 2.000

Aaron Gleeman: “Jan 7, 1982”

Chris Dial: 4-1

Chris Dial: Dusty pulled all the wrong strings tonight.

Greg T.: He pulled a lot of wrong strings last night too.

Dan Szymborski: Dusty had more of his non-dairy creamer.

Bottom of 8th

Anaheim 4, San Francisco 1, Glaus leading off, Worrell in for Rueter.


Mike Emeigh: Bbottom 8: Worrell on, Glaus, Fullmer, Spiezio

Mike Emeigh: Rueter did a hell of a job, too late though.

Glaus strikes out, Fullmer grounds out to first.

Eric Opperman: Nice play by Snow.

Top of 9th

Anaheim 4, San Francisco 1, Snow leads off, Percival in the game.

Aaron Gleeman: Maybe Percy will trip and fall coming into the game.

Mike Emeigh: He’s got Snow, Goodwin, and Bell due.

Aaron Gleeman: After last night, you’ve gotta PH for Goodwin, right?

Mike Emeigh: Barry’s eight hitters away.

Aaron Gleeman: I am gonna go out on a limb and say if Barry bats again this

game, they will win!

Mike Emeigh: With whom do you PH for Goodwin? They don’t have anyone who’s likely

to do any better.

Dick Sidbury: I’m willing for Barry to make the last out in the ninth.

Chris Dial: Russ Ortiz.

Dan Szymborski: I think an NL team should trade for Brooks Kieschnick.

Dick Sidbury: Yeah, but not if he made the last out stealing home.

V.C.: You do realize if he’s 8 hitters away that loaded bases plus three

outs plus two runs is a loss..right?

Dan Szymborski: Did you guys notice how well Kieschnick pitched this year?

Tony Giacalone: I don’t think that the Sox are done trying to transform Kieschnick

into a reliever.

Dan Szymborski: He had an ERA in the 2s and a good K rate, IIRC

Aaron Gleeman: 31 IP, 30 K, 10 BB, 2.59 ERA

Tony Giacalone: Charlotte was so bad that they had Kiesch playing in the outfield a


Glenn P.: Think we’ll see NL teams with more pop on the bench next year? Forget it; I’m dreaming.

Aaron Gleeman: .275/.320/.540 with the bat.

Tony Giacalone: Not good numbers for a lefty at Charlotte.

Dan Szymborski: Just imagine how valuable a player like Kieschnick could be in a

close game.

D.G.: Maybe Percy will be pumped up and walk himself into trouble.

Dick Sidbury: Will either of these teams make the playoffs next season?

Greg T.: No.

Bernal Diaz: Angels maybe.

Dan Szymborski: No.

Mike Emeigh: Anaheim has a better chance than SF.

V.C.: Giants will…they’ll pick up Thome and lose Kent.

Aaron Gleeman: Depends on Kent.

Greg T.: Snow…just get on base.

Dan Szymborski: I think Thome’s going to re-up with the Indians.

Eric Opperman: If Bonds comes up with the bases loaded and two out in this inning,

do they pitch to him?

Chris Dial: Yes.

Snow singles to right, Goodwin at the plate.

Glenn P.: Do something, Goodwin.

V.C.: Bases loaded two out….they would IBB the tying run home.

Goodwin grounds into fielder’s choice, Snow out at second.

Bernal Diaz: Goodwin wasted that PA.

Chris Dial: BTW, that’s about all Goodwin can do if he doesn’t bunt.

D.G.: Has Percival throw anything besides a fastball?

Greg T.: Bell’s going to walk

David Bell walks, Shinjo hits for Feliz.

Bernal Diaz: Shinjo

Aaron Gleeman: Shinjo!

Mike Emeigh: You had to figure Disty wasn’t going to let Feliz bat here.

D.G.: How on earth did the Giants get here with no real ace starter and no bench?

Chris Dial: Barry Bonds

Mike Emeigh: And they’ve had good work out of the bullpen most of the year.

Dan Szymborski: They should PH Barry. Tell the ump it’s Barry’s previously unknown

twin brother Larry.

Glenn P.: If he homers, Japan slides underwater from the concussion effect.

Shinjo strikes out, Lefton to the plate.

Chris Dial: DH slot struck out 3 times.

Bernal Diaz: Former Indian mojo time?

Chris Dial: Another argument against the DH.

Mike Emeigh: Curse of the Tribe!

Dick Sidbury: If Lofton hr’s he’s the mvp.

Lofton flies out to center, ending the game.


Robert Dudek: YESS!!!!!!!!!!

Dan Szymborski: Nicely done by the Angels.

Chris Dial: I hate the Giants.

Mike Emeigh: MVP?

Joe Dimino: Bonds.

Tony Giacalone: Eck.

Dan Szymborski: I really hate Dusty Baker now.

Chris Dial: Either Glaus or Salmon.

Tony Giacalone: Troy Glaus Uber Alles.

Robert Dudek: Bonds should be the MVP - if he doesn’t win it, no player on the

losing team will ever be World Series MVP again.

Mike Emeigh: I’d guess Glaus but it should be Bonds.

V.C.: I’ve got a question…are they going to go to Disneyland?

V.C.: If so, why?


D.G.: If the ceremony is on the field, then it won’t be Bonds….he probably

would not come out

Dan Szymborski: Who wins in a fight? Darren Baker or David Eckstein?

V.C.: well, Darren has size and reach.

Glenn P.: I told my wife I wouldn’t watch another game this year.

David Brazeal: I find it hard to believe fox’s post-game coverage is even worse

than their game coverage.

Bernal Diaz: Jeez, why all the commercials?

Chris Dial: Were the 4 minutes between innings not enough?

Mike Emeigh: They need to kill some time so Fox can stay on till midnight EST.

Bernal Diaz: Troy got it.

Glenn P.: Crap, not Bud.

David Brazeal: Booing Selig! I love it!

Robert Dudek: I noticed the booing

D.G.: He had to read his notes.

David Brazeal: Bud: “I want to point out that yet another big-market team has won

the World Series.”

D.G.: Now, I see why he had notes.

Joe Dimino: What a moron.

Chris Dial: California Angels

Glenn P.: Cal…Anaheim Angels.

Bernal Diaz: Cal-er- Anahiem.

Robert Dudek: Selig always non-commital: “somehwhere” Gene Autry is smiling

right now.

Eric Opperman: “To Bill Stoneman, and Mike Scocsia, and all the CalAnaheim Angels”

Dan Szymborski: He hasn’t said anything about hope and faith either.  Maybe now he’ll announce they’re contracting the Angels this offseason.

David Brazeal: I just hope they interview Dusty Baker’s kid.  We need more closeup shots of crying children.

David Brazeal: Why? Are they showing only tight head-shots of the participants?

Dan Szymborski: Want to see if they have more pores than Livan.

David Brazeal: As Tony La Russa would tell you, Dusty screwed up in his roster

management. He had enough sucky players, but they weren’t versatile enough.

Joe Dimino: Yeah, PH 0-for-15 for a reason

Dan Szymborski: Listening to Selig talk reminds me of the kids in high school that

were in the slow classes but you weren’t quite sure if they were retarded or not



Dan Szymborski Posted: October 28, 2002 at 05:00 AM | 1 comment(s) Login to Bookmark
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   1. Anthony Giacalone Posted: October 30, 2002 at 12:59 AM (#606976)
"The Guy [Bud Selig] knows nothing about baseball."

Maybe not, but he could sell you a great used Subaru.

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