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Kevin Youkilis is soooo great
Posted: 30 April 2006 06:42 PM   [ Ignore ]

...because MCoA says so, and I’m trying to prove a point about how easy it is to set up a topic in Forum Land.

Seriously, Yoooooooks is a good player off to a great start. But even though he’s a burgeoning full-timer entering his prime, and has always exhibited some consistent level of skill, I don’t think anyone expected this kind of start. Of course I’m saying that in a “nobody expected the levees to break” kind of way… I’m sure someone thought it, but was subsequently jeered into nothingness by people who thought they were more rational. Well, were they?

My own answer is, “What, like I’m supposed to know the answer to that after one month?!” But that’s me. Others already might have found answers to these questions: Will Youkilis continue at this pace for months and years to come? Will he come back to Earth and perform at more ZiPS-like levels? Will he both crash, and burn? Will he be able to rescue Polly Purebred from the clutches of Simon Bar Sinister?