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Should I take this trade:  Matsui (NYY) & Arroyo for Gomes and Posada?
Posted: 01 May 2006 03:41 AM   [ Ignore ]

This is my first year playing fantasy ball, and I’m actually doing okay.  it’s a 5x5 head to head league.  On draft day I got Posada, I Rod and Mauer, giving me some pretty good flexibility at catcher.  However, I did not do a very good job drafting pitchers.  On draft day I was offered Matsui for Gomes, but I turned it down, partly because I want to limit the number of Yankees on my roster, and party because I think Gomes has a higher ceiling than Matsui.

So now I’ve got the Matsui and Arroyo for Gomes and Posada deal.  I’m skeptical that Arroyo can keep up what he’s doing, but that said, I do need pitching help.  So, I’m tempted to counter offer with Posada straight up for Arroyo.  Any thoughts?


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I might suggest asking this same question at, too.

Here’s great, but the fantasy section is not well visited.

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I would take that trade in a heartbeat.  Once Matsui gets going, he’s an RBI machine.