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Angels and rookies
Posted: 03 May 2006 04:54 AM   [ Ignore ]

I figure we need someplace besides chatters to talk about the rookies that we have this year.

1)  Howie Kendrick:  Not enough playing time…Scoccia needs to allow this kid to get his feet wet maybe at 3rd.

2)  Casey Kotchman:  I don’t know, is he technically a rookie, well even if he ain’t for this discussion, let’s consider him one.  I think he might be afraid of failing right now.  He got off to a rough start and it seems his confidence is in the toi’lay.

3)  Chris Bootcheck:  Wow was that a rough start this year.  A’s hit him hard.  I figure he needs to pitch tomorrow to get his confidence up, but I don’t expect much.

4) Jeff Mathis:  I will admit to not watching enough games with him playing to get the feel if this kid is going to settle down and start hitting.  Interesting stat with, is it?, Kelvim who when Molina catches, has a steller era, but when Mathis catches, the era drops to over 5 or so.
(that is from memory so if I am wrong someone correct me)