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Seasons & minimum Plate Appearances
Posted: 14 January 2008 04:47 PM   [ Ignore ]

I cannot understand how any player can be rated outside of seasons. Teams play finite seasons with the purpose of winning the pennant. 20 HRs x 50 seasons do not equal 50 HRS for 20 seasons, nor does an OPS of .800 with 50 at bats = an ops of .800 with 500 at bats. To determine what contribution a player makes towards winning should be judged in seasons and not theoretical games. Harold Baines, Dwight Evans and Tony Perez played in a very similar time period and had almost identical stats. If you combine their stats and make an abstract career they would be equal to each other. However if you created a simple metric of production of 1 average spot in the line up of league production (i.e. total production/Teams x 9) Tony Perez would have 13 minimum season, Dwight Evans 7 and Harold Baines 4.  Mr. Perez is in the Hall and deservedly so.

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