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Multiple Regression Formulae
Posted: 15 January 2008 01:08 AM   [ Ignore ]

I’m working up a pitching study.  I’d like to know where I can find multiple regression tools to help me in my research.

Any ideas?


Posted: 15 January 2008 05:54 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]

Excel has an add-on that comes with the software, you just have to go through the process.

If you don’t have excel, I’m not sure what’s out there. I could teach you how to do it manually, though you’d still probably need a spreadsheet for that.

Posted: 15 January 2008 03:59 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 2 ]


If you are in college you might try and get a student version of SAS.  It’s not as intuitive as Excel and is a legit programming language.  But robust.

Posted: 16 January 2008 11:15 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 3 ]

I like SAS a lot more, but SPSS (student version $80, full version $200 if you’re a student, it’s called the “grad pack”) is easier to learn, since you can point and click.

Posted: 17 January 2008 08:46 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 4 ]

It depends what you want to do.

If it’s just a one time thing, then the spreadsheet is the way to go.

If you are going to be doing this type of over and over again - SAS and SPSS are worthwhile languages but if you are going to take the trouble to learn them, then I would suggest learning Python or Perl and downloading stat packages for them (check CSPAN). The work for this type of stuff is going to be mostly converting and filtering data and Python and Perl (esp Perl) are the best tools to learn for this. And they are free as in beer…

Posted: 18 January 2008 07:14 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 5 ]

how much math have you had?

are you wanting linear regressions on them?

a regression is rather simple to do by hand and a spreadsheet if theyre linear.

Posted: 19 January 2008 04:08 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 6 ]

SPSS baby

Posted: 23 January 2008 11:56 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 7 ]

Thank you one and all for the input.  I’ve had linear algebra and intro stats.  I’ll be checkin’ into your ideas.  Again.



Posted: 24 January 2008 03:41 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 8 ]

Scientist Guy,  I found a perl form at a biology site.  It’s smaller than what I’d like, but it works for what I’m lookin’ at overall.  It’s got 12 variables x 100 lines of code.  Agreed, it’s free just like beer in…