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Yankees Tickets—Multiple Games
Posted: 03 May 2006 04:25 PM   [ Ignore ]

I have a bunch of Yankees tickets that I would be happy to sell to BBTFers at season ticket face (45 per), they are four tickets together (in some cases only two are available), Tier Box MVP Section 630, Row B (though it is actually the 4th row of the tier). These are four seats next to each other, right by third base and right on the aisle. This will be the third year in a row that we have had these seats, and we love them.  TVErik has sat in the seats, so I guess you can ask him if you want opinions.  The tickets that we still have available are (I haven’t double-checked game times since Opening Day, so it’s possible some times may have shifted):

Thursday, June 15   vs Indians   1:05 PM   (2 Available)
Monday, June 26   vs Braves   7:05 PM   (2 Available)
Wednesday, June 28   vs Braves   1:05 PM   (4 Available)

Tuesday, July 19   vs Mariners   1:05 PM   (4 Available)
Saturday, July 29   vs Devil Rays   TBD     (4 Available)
Sunday, July 30   vs Devil Rays   1:05 PM   (4 Available)

Thursday, August 3   vs Blue Jays   1:05 PM   (4 Available) 
Tuesday, August 15   vs Orioles   7:05 PM   (2 Available)
Thursday, August 17   vs Orioles   1:05 PM   (4 Available) 
Wednesday, August 30vs Tigers   7:05 PM   (4 Available) 
Thursday, August 31   vs Tigers   1:05 PM   (4 Available) 

Thursday, September 14   vs Devil Rays   7:05 PM   (2 Available) 
Wednesday, September 27   vs Orioles   7:05 PM   (4 Available) 
Thursday, September 28   vs Orioles   7:05 PM   (2 Available)
Saturday, September 30   vs Blue Jays   TBD     (2 Available)

Sunday, October 1   vs Blue Jays   1:05 PM   (4 Available)

Fat Al