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Baseball Hack’s, by Joe Adler
Posted: 12 March 2008 05:30 PM   [ Ignore ]


I’ve scanned postings.  THE book has systematic approaches to most Sabrmetric inquiries.
With a cheapo laptop, all Linux operating system and MySQL, PERL, R, and Open office programs, installed,
I’m hoping to have approaches to most questions.

Notes:  SAS is good.  That company also has JMP.  They cost.  S-plus is an ex Bell Labs stats program.  The free version is “R.”  It has some kind of bio-medical certification and is maintained by Cal- Berkley among others.

Adler covers stats programs for Microsoft, Apple, and Linux, though all systems are not completely tested.  I could not get some of the “Hacks” to work under Ubuntu.  I went to SuSE Linux.  PERL comes with Most Linux versions.  In the command line type atyourprompt> perl -v
You should see your version of perl.