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The 2000 players that matter
Posted: 08 July 2008 06:06 AM   [ Ignore ]

I’ve taken 900+hitters, those with 4000 ab in their career and gave them a number based upon 14 statistical categories in which are respected in circles such as this site.  I’ve compared them by era and position and ranked them according to the H-Factor (the compilation of those 14 statistics with 10,000 points=hall of fame in the era prior to free agency)  I’ve also compiled 1100 pitchers that have 10 years experience or more and used 14 statistical measures to compare them by era and by all-time.  Your thread on Bert Blyleven jumped out at me as Blyleven jumps off the page as clearly the best player eligible that is currently not in.  He scores at around 15,000, which is extraordinary.  Take a look at the site and let me know if I can help. 

Ron Henrich