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Posted: 16 March 2009 05:22 PM   [ Ignore ]

Well I think that manny puts a good game for the LA DODGERS, despite the fact that he is getting to old and he is late for the season (practice).Last year he proof that he would make it to the playoffs and he did. As a metter of fact the Dodgers have not been in the playoffs in a long time. It was time for them to make it to the playoffs I think that this year they could make it to the world series Cause they have not mada it their so far since the 80"s. Manny ramirez really puts a game thrilling show for all when he does every once fav the grand slam or, his favorite a home run for his team fans that support him.Now with the new Manager that they have it has really improve their loosing stistics, to a higher achievement level.  Joe Torre ( Manager),has put every one to work their buts off and start playing a really good game compare to all the managers in the past he has made a tremendous impact and change.Hopefully Manny could recover from his leg injury he just recieved and, he could play in the sarting of the season. To start batting his home runs. I just Hope that many could really say with us for many years more to come hopefully the owner could sffor it

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