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For the pitching junkies…little help here
Posted: 27 April 2009 06:19 PM   [ Ignore ]

I’ve been in a keeper league for a couple years now. Head-to-head format with a pretty basic setup in terms of stats. They are as follows:

Offensive: R, H, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS
Defensive (Pitching): W, L, CG, SV, K, ERA, WHIP

I’ve held the contrarian view from many of those in my league with an heavy investment in pitching over the years. However, I’ve found it exceedingly difficult to go the distance, and I believe its due to the lopsided offensive vs defensive stats. If you look at our league set-ups, you’ll notice the direct correlation of 6 of the 7 stat categories in regards to power players. For example, if a player hits a solo HR, the team manager receives one point for each R, H, HR, and RBI as well as directly increasing their AVG and OPS.

No such direct correlation exists for the defensive stats. Yes, one could argue that the more K’s notched, the player’s WHIP and ERA decrease; but that’s not guaranteed as in the HR example above. Further, there is no guarantee that a W will be recorded either. So while there is some indirect correlation between stats, none such exists equal to those apparent in the offensive stats.

My question to you, the interested party: How can I remedy this for next year’s league? I’m aware of (but not fully familiar with) such stats as DIPS, etc. But this stat is rarely found in fantasy leagues. What stats would yield a league with more balanced scoring?

Per my Yahoo league, the folowing represent those stats currently available:

APP—Pitching Appearances;
GS—Games Started;
ERA—Earned Run Average (Rotisserie, Head-to-Head Only);
WHIP—WHIP Ratio (Rotisserie, Head-to-Head Only);
K/9—Strikeouts per Nine Innings (Rotisserie, Head-to-Head Only);
K/BB—Strikeout to Walk Ratio (Rotisserie, Head-to-Head Only);
CG—Complete Games;
TBF—Total Batters Faced;
ER—Earned Runs;
HR—Home Runs;
IBB—Intentional Walks;
HBP—Hit Batters;
WP—Wild Pitches;
SB—Stolen Bases Allowed;
GIDP—Batters Grounded Into Double Plays;
SVOP—Save Chances;
TB—Total Bases Allowed;
IP—Innings Pitched;
PC—Pitch Count;
1BA—Singles Allowed;
2BA—Doubles Allowed;
3BA—Triples Allowed;
RW—Relief Wins;
RL—Relief Losses;
RAPP—Relief Appearances;
OBPA—On-base Percentage Against (Rotisserie, Head-to-Head Only);
WIN%—Winning Percentage (Rotisserie, Head-to-Head Only);
H/9—Hits Per Nine Innings (Rotisserie, Head-to-Head Only);
BB/9—Walks Per Nine Innings (Rotisserie, Head-to-Head Only);
NH—No Hitters;
PG—Perfect Games;
SV%—Save Percentage (Rotisserie, Head-to-Head Only);
IRA—Inherited Runners Allowed;
QS—Quality Starts;
BSV—Blown Saves;
NSV—Net Saves