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Posted: 13 July 2009 02:54 AM   [ Ignore ]

i saw a game the other night,, i dont even remember who was playing but the situation was this….runner on first less than 2 out short flyball to center, the runner at first goes to second and touches the bag, then thinking the ball will be caught heads back towards first, but the ball drops in, he heads back towards second but before he can touch the base the fielder throws the ball to the shortstop who catches it and touches the bag. is this a forceout situation? the runner did touch the bag,,, then went back towards first, does that nean the force out rule is in affect? well the umpires ruled he was forced out,, i didnt hear any arguement or comment by the announcers but being a former baseball coach ive never seen this situation accur,,,

Posted: 05 August 2009 02:52 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]

This is a forceout. The runner on first is required to advance. Once he heads back toward 1st he has relinquished the base and therefore the force is still in effect. See rule 7.08(e).