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Recapping the new season
Posted: 31 May 2006 08:23 PM   [ Ignore ]

So here comes the end of May, and end of the tough schedule.
Realistically being only 4 out, with the Phillies in the dog race too is about rational expectations.

The Braves have been hitting well, despite almost no power from Chipper and Giles going through his early season blues.
The starting pitching has been spotty, but Sosa is showing signs of life. If we can nurse Smoltz through for a couple of months, Hudson put together more than couple of good starts, and Thomson pulls out of his funk..Lots of Ifs, but we are decently positioned in starting pitching with James in the minors ready to lend a hand.
Davies sucked before he went on the DL. this might be a long term concern for the Braves
The bullpen has been a pain in the ass, but nothing can be done to improve it. Once Moore heads to the Royals, maybe we can trade for Burgos from them !!
The main letdown as guessed has been the infield defence. The number of groundballs which have gotten through on the left side of the infield has been ridiculous, and Furcal making tough plays the past couple of days just accentuates the pain. OTOH, the outfield defence has been awesome. Andruw looks like he has regained a step in the OF

The contenders : The mets have a big problem called starting pitching, and hopefully that will start hurting them as the summer starts, and Glav and Pedro wear down a bit. But they can hit, and play really good defence. The phillies seem to have a more complete team, and really look the far stronger threat to the division. Ofcourse having Charlie Manuel helps the Braves

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