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Boston 5X5 live auction keeper leagues need owners
Posted: 02 February 2010 09:36 PM   [ Ignore ]

We’re looking to add 2 owners to a 10 year old, live auction NL keeper league and 1 owner to a 20 year old AL keeper league. At capacity both leagues have 12 owners.

Teams keep up to 8 major league keepers and as many as 13 minor league keepers (most keep 5-6). The leagues are hosted on CBS Sportsline using a roto format - we actually run both rotisserie and H2H simultaneously with payouts for each. League dues are $200/team.

An auction draft will be held in metro Boston on 3/27. The auction itself follows standard roto rules $260 budget, 22 player major league roster, etc, followed by a minor league draft that is done in a draft format. You must be present for the auction.

Its a very active league w/some 80 trades last year and no shortage of good natured trash talk. Many of the owners have been in the league for all 9 years and some have also been in an ongoing AL league that’s almost 20 years old.

Contact me if you’re interested and let me know a bit about yourself. You don’t need to have experience with auction leagues to join although you should be a fantasy baseball veteran. Most important is that you plan to be part of the league for years to come.

I am happy to answer questions, send you the league rosters and rules and/or point you to the league’s web site. - Pete