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Keeper league draft help?
Posted: 11 February 2010 10:45 AM   [ Ignore ]

ok im in a 6 player keeper league 5X5 scoring (avg,runs,Hr,Rbi,sb… ERA,Wins,Saves,K`s,Whip)
Ive kept
Fielder,Dunn,Rollins,Beckham( moved to 2nd so think he will be solid 2nd),Aramis Ramirez,McCann
I pick 5th in 1st rd and im thinking maybe getting an OF with both power and speed over a pitcher ...

I have a few decent options out there ..
Granderson (not fond but short porch in right helps)
BJ Upton .. not as much power as id like
Zobrist ... not as much SB as id like
Carlos Lee ... again no speed
Markakis ... not bad ...
Choo ... again not bad but no SB
Victorino ... not bad either
Abreau ...
even Figgins but no power at all

but im thinking i also could go after SB with a later rd pick like Bourn,Borbon,Mccuthceon,Morgan even others ...  whats your opinion ?
we start 1 at each hitters position and 3 Outfielders and 2 Utility ...
so 10 hitters ...

Posted: 11 February 2010 07:11 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]

Is Crawford available? If you think you’re reaching for SB you can wait to pick up a non-power guy, and go for a four category SP stud like Lincecum or Halladay. Fifth is ok to start looking at pitchers if the hitters you could really use are kept or picked already. Even though pitchers are more of a gamble, that’s half your points too, you can think of SB a bit like saves.