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How did I do? Draft!
Posted: 28 February 2010 09:47 AM   [ Ignore ]

this was a 6 player keeper league ... so heres who i kept 1st !
McCann,Fielder,Beckham,Aramis Ramirez,Jimmy Rollins,Adam Dunn

so .. Backups in parenthesis and could be listed multiple times
Catcher = McCann (will find backup when season starts)
1st = Fielder (Dunn,Derek lee,Berkman,Conor Jackson,Cuddyer)
2nd = Beckham (Mc Geehee)
SS = Rollins (Orlando Cabrera)
3rd = Aramis Ramirez (Beckham,Mc Geehee)
OF = Dunn,Cuddyer,Blanks(Jackson,Willingham)
3 backups at Utility = Lee,Berkman,Willingham (Jackson,Cabrera)

SP = Brett Anderson,Porcello,Latos,Homer Bailey,Tim Hudson,Pettite,James Shields,Blackburn,Pzepzchinski (spelling lol)

RP Bard,Wagner and Soriano ...

scoring 5x5

I know im lacking in SB ... but was gonna get 1 like i did last year with Bourne ... later in season when someone needs HR`s as i lead league by far in projected HR`s

Id like 1 more closer but thats all that was left really as most were keepers so ill grab 1 when someone seizes closers job
SP is thin but i rotate starters ...