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Replacement Level Players Association looking for owners
Posted: 16 May 2010 01:18 AM   [ Ignore ]

I’m sure plenty of you out there play OOTP.  The RLPA has been running for over 6 real life years, and has simmed almost 30 seasons.  It started in late 2003 with a group of Primates, and we’re coming back to our roots looking for some new blood.  We’ve got 15 teams available (including the Red Sox and Yankees):

Full League Name: Replacement Level Players Association - Classic

Main URL:

Reports URL: BNN Home Page

Boards URL: Replacement Level Players Association :: Index

Commissioners (OOTP Forum Username): Jeremy Reinholt (goldfinger77) and Anthony Giacalone (anthonygiacalone)

Email Address:

OOTP Version: 11

Game Needed: Yes

Players: future hybrid real/fictional

# of Teams: 26

Export Deadlines Days And Times: MWF 5 pm ET

League Time Per Sim: 10 days

First Season: 2004

Latest Season: 2032

Special Rules & Settings: no personnel or scouting, soft cap of $80 million

One of the OOTP community’s longer running leagues, the RLPA, has quite a few openings. The RLPA is in it’s 6th real life year of simming after starting with a group of associates brought together at Baseball Think Factory. Our website and forum is located at

RLPA Classic is an ongoing hybrid fictional league that is in it’s 30th sim season. Started in OOTP 6.5 and continuing in OOTP9, the RLPA will be transitioning to OOTP11 after the 2033 season (we currently use OOTP9 through the 2033 season). RLPA Classic is a 26-team league consisting of modern franchises. We are not strictly a fictional league, however, as we use real life minor-league player names for the top 100 or so most-similar players in each of draft classes. So, some of the league’s top prospects include current real-life prospects A.J. Pollock, Domonic Brown, Travis D’Arnaud, Kellen Kulbacki, Zachary Britton and Jenrry Mejia, while real-life rookies like Jason Heyward have already seen their major league careers completed. We find this to be a good way to maintain a level of realism in our league while making us aware to real-life minor leaguers. We have an $80 million soft cap and all our markets are the same size. We do NOT use personnel or scouting. We conduct ten-day sims (except in August of each season when we do 15-day sims) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons/evenings. We lost several long-standing owners when we transitioned to OOTP9; however, there is still a very solid core of 11 owners.

If we don’t get enough owners to fill the league as currently constructed, we’re considering a contraction draft as our first major event after starting back up.

We are looking for owners for the following franchises (with 2032 results):

Arizona Diamondbacks (73-89)
Atlanta Braves (61-101)
Baltimore Orioles (80-82, division winners)
Boston Red Sox (73-89, second place)
Chicago White Sox (79-83)
Los Angeles Dodgers (51-111)
Milwaukee Brewers (73-89)
Minnesota Twins (84-78, second place)
Montreal Expos (79-83, second place)
New York Yankees (55-107)
Philadelphia Phillies (90-72, division winners)
Pittsburgh Pirates (91-71)
San Diego Padres (77-85, second place)
Texas Rangers (89-73, AL Wild Card)
Toronto Blue Jays (60-102)

Hope to hear from you or see you on the RLPA forums,

Jeremy Reinholt
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Designated Guy-in-Charge-for-Now