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Sabermetrics for Slo-Pitch!
Posted: 07 June 2010 06:04 PM   [ Ignore ]

Commissioner of a 20 team Slo-Pitch League
+ a love for sabermetrics
= wanting sabermetrics incorporated into my league!

If you visit my website ( you’ll see that I’ve done the best I can with the data I can collect. However, I want to do more and I know that will require real official scorers for the games… instead of the “whoever is sitting beside the scorebook” scorers I have now. As far as I know Canada doesn’t have an association of official scorers, so I’m considering building this from scratch.

Two things I’d like to discuss in this forum…

1. Any differences or challenges in processing or analyzing this data that might differ from this being done in real baseball.

2. Any suggestions for creative funding methods to pay for the data collection (I think I’d have a revolt if I just built the cost into player fees).