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Advanced, highly realistic fantasy league
Posted: 21 December 2010 06:04 AM   [ Ignore ]

Looking for a serious and active owner for a 12-team, AL-only league now entering its 13 year.  Mendoza Baseball ( is a realistic simulation of the MLB economic and roster system.  The scoring is based on Jim Furtado’s XR, with team runs scored and runs allowed combined into a W-L record based on Bill James’ Pythagorean theorem.  Some of the features of the league are:

- eBay-style free agent auction with long-term (up to 3-year) contracts
- Full reserve clause system with team control for first six years of MLB service time
- Arbitration simulator for determining salaries of arb-eligible players
- Full MLB-like economic model where low-payroll teams can earn a profit if they have modest success
- 40-man major league roster and 20-man minor league roster
- Options and waiver system for moving players among rosters
- 4-round minor league player draft
- Winter tournament played using Diamond Mind
- Saber-friendly scoring rules
- Very active and competitive ownership group

To see the team, go here and click on “Everett Eightballs”.  The Major League roster needs some work, but the team does have several excellent prospects:

Nava, Daniel
Viciedo, Dayan
Anderson, Lars
Conger, Hank
Pineda, Michael
Moore, Matt
Moustakas, Mike
Montgomery, Mike

Salaries of players signed through 2011 are paid by previous owner, so you get a $30 credit just for signing up!

Email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if interested.