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Denorfia or Escobar
Posted: 02 August 2006 02:06 AM   [ Ignore ]

Minor move, but still important to me . . .

You have your choice, can only keep one of Alex Escobar or Chris Denorfia.

League’s cap is $263 for 24 players at the draft. In season cap is $350 active or $394 total, only have to be under one or the other.

Denorfia has a $10 contract through 2008
Escobar has a $13 contract through 2008, but is guaranteed for 2007, meaning it’s $10 real money (league generally runs $70-90 per year).

Your team is in 2nd place and trying to win this year, but would like to stay good for the future too.

We use sabermetric stats AOBP (OBP with CS subtracted from the denominator), Bases Produced (TB+SB), R and RBI as the 4 categories.

You have to dump one - who do you keep?


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