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steagles talks about…
Posted: 28 August 2012 10:30 PM   [ Ignore ]

considering the lack of a TV thread on the main board, i’m gonna take my thoughts about TV here. 

the new season of doctor who is starting this week.  in the previews, they have a line where amy asks the doctor “who killed all the daleks?”, and the doctor responded, “who do you think?” 

so, in honor of that, i want to note all of the genocides that have been featured during the reboot of the show:

9th doctor:
rose disintegrated the daleks in the first season finale (bad wolf, parting of the ways)

10th doctor:
torchwood 3 blew up an alien spaceship in “the christmas invasion” in season 2
in season 3, the cult of skaro created a new species—dalek-humans—and they were all killed before the end of the episode (daleks in manhattan, evolution of the daleks)
the doctor-donna clone killed all of the daleks with a reality bomb in the 4th series finale (the stolen earth, journey’s end)
in “the end of time” special, a main focus was on the doctor’s sealing his species within a time lock.

11th doctor:
the doctor wiped the weeping angels out of existence in the “flesh and stone” and “the time of angels”
i believe he also wiped out the vampire arachnids in “the vampires of venice”


Posted: 30 August 2012 12:52 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]

a moment in the life of lil jon

Posted: 05 September 2012 05:19 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 2 ]

so, watching the doctor who premiere, i have just a small qualm. when oswin was communicating with the doctor over the intercom (both in the dalek parliament and the dalek asylum), couldn’t he hear from her voice that she was a dalek? 

that’s just a minor quibble, though.  really, just the fact that every dalek ever was in the episode made it a quality premiere. 

also, oswin is apparently going to return later in the season and there’s rumblings that she might be the next companion for the doctor. 


Posted: 08 October 2012 11:01 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 3 ]

Getting caught up a little more.  I watched the pilot of Last Resort this weekend and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.  Obviously you’ve got to kind of roll with the punches a bit (much like Revolution) but I think they set up a plausible situation where the events have transpired.  Dexter looks like it is setting up for a really compelling season.  I think some of Steagles’ concerns about the lack of consequences for Dexter being a bit more vigilante-esque are going to come home to roost.

I’m interested to see how Person of Interest progresses.  I think the last two episodes with Root have been my favorite of the series.  Trying not to give away any spoilers so I’ll just say that the conclusion of last Thursday’s episode has me curious how the series is going to progress.  They seem to be doing a nice job of blending the serial and the procedural aspects of the show.


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