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Newsstand article submission formatting weirdness
Posted: 10 February 2013 01:09 PM   [ Ignore ]

For the first time I got bitten by the bug that mangles body text submitted with articles to the news stand. This is the one that often results in duplication of the pasted text along with a stray ” cols=“100” rows=“20”> line thrown in for good measure.

I believe it is the result of a tag, at the very least a hyperlink tag, enclosed in the quote tag. My original submission had two links to photographs from the news story and the opening hyperlink tag of the first photo link is the part where the bogus duplicated text begins outside of the desired quoted text area. This unquoted text is then followed by the cols/rows broken elements which is then followed by the complete and correctly quoted text.

Unless Repoz messed it up when approving it, then all bets are off.  :- )

Pictures speak louder than words in this case, so I refer you to the thread in question here:

Hope this helps, and thanks for any corrective action that you take, Jim.


F@CK Pete Kozma!!